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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dollar Store “Must Haves” on Blog Hoppin'

Are you looking for cheap ideas for bookmaking, number lines, fives frames, read the room, retelling, combinations of 5, subtraction, one less and organization? Then read on, my friend, read on! I went to watch my son race (bicycle) this weekend in this REALLY small town in North Georgia. So after the race, we were looking for things to do and there wasn’t a whole lot of options. So how about a trip to The Dollar Store and Tractor Supply?! Got some cute tractors for the grandbabies from Tractor Supply to put up for Christmas (Shhhhh!) AND here’s what we picked up at the Dollar Store!
Love these little cars for segmenting words!
Next, we found these little cat toy mice to use with the story Mouse Count. I just painted a jar on a cookie sheet, put magnets on the back of the mice, and made a felt snake.  It is so important to have a conceptual way for children to see what is happening in the story. Books are pictorial, so children who do not have conservation of number have a really hard time grasping the concepts!Slide2
Next purchase, wrapping paper. This is the cheapest way to make scrapbooking paper.
*Just take the paper off of the roll.
*Fold and fold and fold.
*Then put it on the paper cutter and trim the sides.
*Fold the paper in half and add paper!
*You have a little book!
Saw a couple of good options for carpet bags. For more about that, check out this post:
The next purchase was this number line (the one on top). By the way, it went all the way to 50!
*To play the game, just select the section of the number line you want to use.
*Put a small trinket on each of the numerals.
*Start with a “game piece” at the left end of the number line.
*Roll a dice and move the game piece that many spaces on the number line.
*Remove the trinket on that numeral.
*The object of the game is to remove all of the trinkets.Slide5
Love, love, love bulletin board boarder. AND love it even more when I find it for $1! Here are a few ideas:
*Cut the boarder into sections. Have the children think of ways they can sort the animals, or the presents.
*Cut the boarder into sections. Invite the children to make patterns.
Here’s a fun game you can play:
*Glue two pieces together, end to end.
*Put a dot sticker in the center.
*Put a “game piece” on the dot. Sit the children at either end of the strip.
*The first child rolls the dice and moves the pieces toward them.
*The second child rolls the dice and moves the SAME game piece towards them.
*Who can get it off first?
*It is easy to change the standard by simply changing the dice!Slide3
We found these cute duck bath mitts to use for singing Five Little Ducks. This song works perfect for combinations of 5, subtraction, or the idea of one less.
Also found some fun light up wands and magnifying glasses for the read the room center.
Here’s an idea for the pill case.
*First remove the blue lettering with a cotton ball and finger nail polish remover.
*Use a saw and cut off F and S so that you only have 5 compartments.
*Put a 2 sided colored disk in each of the compartments.
*Glue shut with hot glue or E6000.
*Invite the children to “shake it up” and then lay it on the table.
*What combination of 5 do you have?
*Shake it again and again, each time ask them to record their combination.
Here are a few other posts from my Thrifty Thursdays! Look for those posts to start back up now that we are back to school!

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