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Friday, July 18, 2014

Ideas from Frog Street SPLASH Conference

For the next two days, Friday and Saturday, I will be presenting at the SPLASH: Frog Street Press Conference. I am going to post a little bit about what I did in each session, post a freebee on my facebook fan page, and put all the items that were mentioned in the sessions on sale for that day only!
Now what about the sessions…
Well today I am doing one session…Math Centers.
In this session I show how to organize your centers using the workshop model with a mini lesson, centers that have “have to” activities as well as “can do” activities, and what to do in your small group.  You might want to look at the posts from Vegas. In those, I talked more about the workshop model of teaching.
Slide29Here is one of the games that I share in this session. You can pick up these bowling games at the dollar store. I made a game board and a recording sheet to go along with my purchase. To play the game, have the children set up all of the pins on the game board. Now, roll the ball down the board.Slide30
Finally, record how many pins are standing and how many are knocked down for the combination of 10. Repeat for each line on the recording page.
So for the freebee, the game board and the recording sheet, head on over to the kindergals facebook page and look in the fan freebee folder. The only way to see the folder is to “like” the page. If you have trouble finding the folder, read this post and it will help you.
How to Find the Fan Freebee Folder:
Here are resources that I used to plan this session. They are on sale for 20% off today only! Click on each cover to find the resources quickly!
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Megan Murphy said...

I was wondering, are ALL the TPT items that you linked from here supposed to be on sale? Some are not and I want to make sure they won't go on sale after I buy them.

Andrew Adsit said...

Hey Megan,
The problem is tpt runs on eastern time. So the sale was ending at 9 pm instead of midnight. So I think we got that fixed. If there was still something you weren't able to get, email me at and I can help you.

Jennifer Stanjeski said...

Hi there,
It's 11:24 pm Texas time so is the sale over because it is 12:24 am Eastern time?
Just got back to our room at SPLASH and some of the products are on sale and some are not.
Just wondering. Thanks again,

Dana said...

I just looked in your fan freebie folder for the bowling pages and can't find them. Was that a limited time freebie?

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