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Monday, July 7, 2014

It’s Monday In Vegas—See What’s Happening!


For the next three days, M-W, I will be presenting at the I Teach K and I Teach 1st conferences. Each day I am going to post a little bit about what I did in each session, post a freebee on my facebook fan page, and put all the items that were mentioned in the sessions on sale for that day only! So there’s your freebee! Now what sessions did I do today…


The first session today, The First 30 Days. The First 30 Days is kinda like childbirth. After about Day 30, things start to settle down, the kids have the routine, and you once again love kindergarten. At the beginning of each year, you probably hear yourself say something like, “This is the lowest class I have ever had.” OR “Oh my, these kids are going to give me a run for my money.” But after those first 30 days….In the session I shared about have a successful Open House, Meet and Greet, or whatever you call that first meeting with the parents. You can search my blog for Open House and see more about that.


These are some of the resources I mentioned in that session. You can click on the cover and find them on tpt for 20% off, today only!

The next session today, Phonemic Fun! This session has lots of activities to teach those phonemic awareness skills. One of my favorite songs is Shari Sloane’s Vowel Bat song! I just love it! I made a little book to go with her song (with her permission). You can get Shari’s music on her website, Click on the book icon to find it in my tpt store.


The next session for Monday… Comprehension! This session has a lot of ideas to help your children with retelling. I love this idea! It is great for anytime a character “travels” through the story. All you have to do is attach the character to the book by a string. Then, as you turn the pages in the pig book to see each of the Three Pigs homes, the wolf is on the string to “talk” to the pigs.


The last session on Monday—Dollar Store Delights. In this session, I take each of the standards and tell you things you can get at the dollar store to teach it! I love these divided plastic plates. The are great for number bonds. Start will all the buttons in the large section. Now have children divide it into two parts. Then, push them all back to the whole. Now divide another way. This is important for conservation of number and subitizing! Here are some words my good friend Catherine Kuhns shared with me a long time ago:

“I have 7 buttons.

I have 3 buttons and I have 4 buttons. (Point to each part)

I have 7 buttons.” (Return buttons to the large section.)
Remember these packs will only be on sale for Monday! Come on back Tuesday and I will share with you some more ideas, a freebee and put some different units on sale!
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