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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tax Break Tuesday Sale


Did you get a little back or have to pay a little? Wherever you find yourself, a good sale makes everything better! Today and tomorrow my store is 20% off!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are You Listening to Me? Gam?


On Friday I was packing to go to Phoenix. I knew I wouldn’t have time Saturday as I had a very important party…my second grandson’s baby shower!  As I turned to get some things from the closet, look who had crawled into my suitcase! Oh my, it is so hard to believe he is almost one.  I try to remember every detail of this first year and all the joy that he brings to our life. We are thrilled to be adding another little boy in just few weeks! I might be in trouble….Slide2

Here are a few pictures from the shower with “my girls”, my best friend, and Ginny’s mom…my partner in crime! We can’t wait to be co-grandmas! After the shower I did try to do a little work…I finished up my Opinion Writing piece. Here are some pictures of things in the pack. See the write up below the pictures.Slide3Slide5Slide6Slide4

Everyone has an opinion, right? This packet contains items to help your little ones state their opinion and to persuade someone else that they are RIGHT!

The packet contains:

4 anchor charts for opinion writing

2 modeling anchor charts for demonstrating

4 brainstorming/prewriting pages

Various types of paper for children to use for writing their opinion piece including a letter format

A Rubric based on the common core standards

A class spreadsheet of the rubric to compare and organize small groups

A student self-assessment rubric

A large anchor chart rubric

It DOES NOT contain the mini lessons

It is on sale through tonight for 20% off!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

And the last installment is done….Math Attack Vol 6


You know how good it feels to cross something off of a list? I finally finished the last set for the Math Attack Series.  While this pack is marked for June and July, you might find it helpful in May depending on which units of study you are doing. Here is what is contained in the pack:

June and July bring the final volume, Volume 6 of Math Attack! This themed pack is just what you need to have your children “attacking” those math facts! This unit is designed to allow for differentiated instruction by having each child work at their own level on the common core standards. After determining the level, counting, number combinations, addition, or subtraction, each child will use their own set of game boards to practice the skill using the clip art pieces. Included in this unit are:

directions for what the children should do at each level with a photograph for each level so that you will know what it should look like

an individual and class record keeping system

the common core standards for each level

10 themed color and black and white counting mat game boards plus 4 bonus color and black and white counting mats for a total of 14 games (ocean, pool fun, picnics, 4th of July, flies, ants, baseball, camping, fishing, treehouse fun)

a full page of color and black and white clip art to match each game board theme

dot cards, numeral cards, numeral combination cards, addition and subtraction cards for 1-5 and 6-10 fluency practice

title pages for “little math books”

two recording pages for both addition and subtraction stories


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who Inspires You?

It’s not a new question. It’s one that we are asked many times during our lives. When asked, we often share stories about our moms, a favorite teacher, a religious leader, or some other adult that helped to mold us into the person we are today. But, what if I asked you can someone you meet, for the first time, just by chance, truly inspire you? To that, I say…yes.
This week I worked in Memphis, TN doing a seminar with 60+ kindergarten and first grade teachers. As the teachers were coming into the room, I chatted with them, mostly small talk just to get a feel for the crowd. There was a group of 5 teachers that came in together. They we chatting and laughing with each other and we generally just very happy. I started talking to them, when I noticed one of the girls had a very short hair cut! I loved it! You see, I want to cut my hair reeealllly short, but I just don’t have the nerve. Her name is Kate.
I told Kate just how cute her hair was. She looked around to the teachers in her group and they all kinda chuckled. She told me that people ask her all the time who cut her hair. Her response… God! You see, last year, during her first year of teaching, her very first year, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after a large lump popped up on her neck while she was teaching. She was given 2 months to live. She is younger than my own two children, never married, no kids.  My heart just broke.
She told me she went to school all year during her treatments, often running to the bathroom when she wasn’t feeling well. The whole time she was telling me her story, she had such a glow about her. She told me how those kids will always hold a special place in her heart. She told me how much she loved teaching and how it kept her going. So is there good news? Does this story have a happy ending? How can such a sad story inspire me? The good news…she, despite the odds, is in remission. I really wanted to hug her. One can’t help but know that her positive attitude, her bubbly personality, the many prayers and her shear determination had to play a part in her outcome.
During the seminar, she took pictures of nearly every thing I showed. She wrote all kinds of notes, she leaned and talked to her teammates as she made connections to the things we were learning. She made me want to present like it was the last time I would have the opportunity to do so. She made me want to be a better teacher, a better person, a little less whiny, and a lot more thankful. She inspired me!
During our two days, I started watching other teachers, looking for ways to be inspired by the little things I saw. The two teachers who, when we ran short on handout books, willingly gave theirs up and shared with their friends. The teacher who went by her school and picked up paper plates when we realized we wouldn’t have enough the next day. The teacher who brought in a spinner to show me a new way to make one. Another teacher who brought in two new games inspired by what she had learned the first day. The take charge principal that made sure we knew all the restaurants in the area. The principals and central office personnel who came with groups of teachers and listened to the teachers share their excitement about what they were learning. To the countless teachers who went out of their way to tell me thank you, or that they were so glad they came, or that they had learned so much.
Slide2So this week I challenge you. Watch and listen to the people around you. Let them inspire you to teach your heart out, to love your family, to take care of your friends, and to help those that sometimes we find difficult to help. Think of Kate. Her story will inspire you to be thankful, to tell others you love them, to be kind….Thank you, Kate…you inspired me.
(Just so you know..Kate gave me permission to share her story.)
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Need to do a little spring cleaning? How about a Sale?

Have you ever lived with “two families” under one roof? I just love having Megan and her family with us. I know just how lucky I am to have Matthew right here with me, where I can spoil him anytime I want to. But, when you take 4 grown adults and one baby and all their “stuff”….let’s just say things get a little cluttered.  I have a little OCD in me, so I get to the point where I just need to clean up or clean out and put away or throw away! Do you ever get to that point where you just need to do a little clean up yourself?  
One thing that I can take care of right now is my Teachers Pay Teachers Wish List.  It has become quite full of wonder things that Megan and I want to use to help us make things and things already made by other great sellers for us to use in her room right away.  Here is a step by step list that I copied from my friend, Valerie to help me get my computer and tpt “things” organized:
1-Comment on all of my purchases I have made in TPT.  I am always so excited to have the new purchase that I forget to go back and comment and rate the seller.  YOU KNOW YOU GET CREDIT POINTS FOR DOING THIS???  I just think that is sooo cool! 
2-Open my wish list and add the items to my cart that I just can’t live without any more.  .  I'm going to ask myself- does it have rigor?  Do I already have a plan for using the clip art, frames, or background papers? Is it an easy to print pack, can I use it for direct and independent practice, and lastly, is it within my budget? 
3-I'm going to purchase these items after, and only after, I have all my credits towards future purchases (remember-I'm a cheapskate and love a sale).  ***ME TOO, VALERIE!
4-I'm going to shop at this wonderful Spring Cleaning Sale my favorite shops have going on this weekend. 

Each teacher has linked up with their own sale price. I am going to have my store on sale for 15% off!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Technology Tip Tuesday! Dual Monitors


Do you use a dual monitor? I am LOVING mine. It took me a while to join the team, even though my husband has always used one. As I was watching him work it sure looked easier to click and drag from one screen to the next than opening and closing windows like I was doing. So you might ask, “What took you so long to get that second monitor?” WEEEELLLLLL, as you know if you read my blog, it comes at no surprise that I am not the most tech savvy person…and that’s saying it lightly!!!   I hate not knowing how to do things for myself, but  I finally sucked it up and asked him if I could do that using the tv that sits on my desk. He said, YES!

If I can do it, you can too! So here’s what you have to know…

First of all your monitor either has a RGB (red, green, blue) plug or a HDMI plug depending on the monitor you are using. You second monitor has to have the same plug. Since mine was HDMI, I purchased a HDMI cable from Best Buy. The cable plugs into the HDMI plug on the computer and on the second monitor. It really is that easy.  If you have RGB you will buy an RGB cable. (HMMMM I only know these things because I am married to the biggest tech nerd! Smile )

And what do I reeeaaaallllyyyy love? If you look at the picture, right there on the remote control there is an HDMI button and a TV button. So I can change back and forth from tv to second monitor just what a push of a button.

Here are some of the ways I have used the second monitor already…Slide2

1. I love having two power point presentations open at the same time. It makes it easy to compare, cut and paste….


2. I love being able to keep the power point open and open up my documents folder in the other window. I can select from that window if I want to open another document without closing the first power point.


3. I am able to keep my clip art folder open while I am working to see what clip art I have available. So if I am making something with a “camping theme” I can see all of my camping clip art without going to insert or opening another window on top of the power point.


4. I am able to open my email in one window and a power point in the other window. Then, I can click and drag the photos that are attached in the email over to the power point.

I am sure there are tons of more ways to use the dual monitor. How about you? Share away….How are you using a dual monitor?

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

GA Bloggers Meet Up! Peek at My Week 2 Spring

Slide8Saturday Megan and I headed out to Macon to meet up with a group of GA bloggers. We had the meet up at GA School Supply. As I was shopping around after the meet up, I saw this sitting on the shelf.  I knew immediately what it was. Do you?  Read to the end of the post to find out!

Once there, Megan and I found a table with 2 other teachers, had a seat, and started to chat. Who knew, that me, the oldest in the group, was sitting by Urma, the youngest in the group! It paid to be old! The oldest and the youngest each got a prize!

Slide2One of the cool things that Jane planned was a product auction. Each of us brought the cover to one of you products. She passed out play money and we auctioned off the product. It was really fun, with the teachers from the various grade levels trying to get the prizes. Everyone left with one. Here are the prizes we won and the ones we gave away.Slide1Here are some group shots and blog buttons of everyone that attended.
Jayne, Kelly, Angie, Stacy, Tara, Valerie
The Teacher Wife
Funky Fresh Firsties

...And They All Fall Down...

Georgia Grown Kiddo's

Jennifer, Carol, Kathy, Meghan, Kim, Irma, Megan


Michelin, Jessica, Greg, Erin, Alison


Here are our peek at me week plans for our second week of Spring.



One last thing before I tell you what’s in the box…I just love seeing all of the sayings on facebook. Here are some that I took a screen shot of this week that either made me laugh, made me think, or made me feel really happy.Slide7


Did you know?

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