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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Few More Questions About Reader’s Workshop

Yesterday I started answering some questions from an email about the Reader’s Workshop Units. There were just a few questions I need to go and look up, so I saved them for today. Hope this post has been helpful to others, she had some great questions.Slide4

Unit 2

1. When you refer to your 'who's your buddy chart' you say it should be 2 different squares but i noticed yours was all mounted on green- did you assign them a color for them to remember?

I think these are the sentences you are referring to:

“Be sure and make the squares two different colors. This will allow you to say, “Today is red’s turn to share first.” Alternate every other day to give each child the opportunity to go first during share time. “

So , yes my chart only has one color of squares. I should have shown a sample with the two different colors of squares. If you have made yours like the sample, all squares the same color, then assign one to be partner “A” and the other to be partner “B”. That way you can say “Today is partner “A’s” turn to share first.”

2. I noticed on the colored version of the flow chart for how to use a sticky you see the children's actual faces rather than clip art faces- do you have a version with the clip art faces so i don't have the answer questions about who the children are! Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up on this one! I thought I had covered them all! It is now fixed and will be changed on tpt. You can go to your purchases and download it again and have the corrected page. You don’t have to pay again!Slide5

Unit 3

You indicate having them put a sticky to help with words they don't know- what 'category' would that sticky come from or should there be a 'help' icon for stickys as well for situations like this?

We didn’t have a specific place for them to get the post it note. So, you could make another icon for help or just have them select one of the post it notes off of one of the other places. I will talk to Michele to see if we want to add an icon for that.

Hope this post has helped not only the teacher who sent me the questions, but others as well!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Reader’s Workshop Discovering Patterns

I love Reader's Workshop. It is my favorite time of the day! After Michele and I published our first units, we were excited to see that so many other teachers loved Reader's Workshop, too. This  post answers some of the most common questions we get about the first 3 units. After "meeting" unit 4, we will answer those questions below.

Michele and I are excited to have completed Unit 4-Discovering Patterns for Reader’s Workshop. This unit took quite a bit longer to do than the others. You might wonder why! Well first of all, school started! Those summer days of working on projects came to a stop as we got ready for the busy school year. Secondly, this unit was much harder to narrow down. As we began looking through our books, we discovered there were more patterns than we could ever cover in one month of mini lessons. So here’s our thinking: It’s not about learning a pattern. It’s about being able to identify that there is a pattern and then use that to be a better reader. I read somewhere, “It’s not about reading that book, it’s about learning what good readers do while reading that book.” We are teaching kiddos to be readers. What we do should not only be about that book, but should impact them as a reader.Slide2
Now…I know many of you have sent me comments and emails about the first three units. This week I got an email that had quite a few questions. Since it was going to take quite some time to answer the questions, I decided to do it as a blog post. That way, if you have the same questions, it will help you, too.Slide3
Unit 1
1. When do you typically begin in a kindergarten class? We begin on a Wednesday this year? Would you start on Thursday or wait till Monday?
This is really up to you! In Megan’s room we started on the 2nd day of school. The first day we were just trying to get them to school, get them fed, and get them home! Oh, and have a little fun, too!
2. In regards to elbow partners- you say to assign them- do they stay the same everyday- so those children are 'assigned' to sit by each other or does it change day to day depending on who they are sitting next to? 
I assign my children a spot on the carpet to sit. We sit in three rows. I want those students who are going to need my help right on the front row. Plus, I want to be sure that certain children aren’t sitting beside each other. Know what I mean? Sometimes I have to move children to another spot on the carpet for one reason or another. Their elbow partner is whoever is sitting right next to them on the carpet. The only reason their elbow partner would change is if I moved them to another space on the carpet.   
3. When you refer to reading books for concepts about print (l-r, t-b, etc) do you typically read just the pages facing the children, read the whole book, use a book you've already read or it doesn't matter bc skill is CAPs?
Michele and I have tried to not name particular books that have to be used except for familiar tales that we think nearly everyone will have access to. So any book usually works. For CAP, you would want a big book with a limited amount of text. I would say to read the whole book before the reader’s workshop time. Then, when you call them to the carpet for Reader’s Workshop, they have already enjoyed the book and are ready to focus on the concept you are trying to teach.
4. For baskets/tubs of books- should they be 'trade' books, leveled readers (PreA, A) a mix, doesn't matter?
At the beginning, music books, nursery rhyme books, familiar tales, and such work great. These help the children to feel like real readers. As you children move through the year, their bag of books will have a variety of books—some that are on their reading level and some that they just love and tell the story as they look at the pictures.
5. When distributing same copy of familiar reads- is a photocopy/b&w book OK or should it be a colored/bound copy?
Your decision, but I use only bound copies. Not everyone will have the same books. I collect all that I can find from my own collection and the library.
6. For the anchor chart- 3 ways to read- in your lesson you indicate to teach use picture, tell a story and then read words but the anchor chart copy to put in student notebooks doesn't read that way- it has tell a story first. Does it matter which way you do it or should i use the anchor chart i create with the kids as my reference for their anchor chart notebook.
Oops! Not sure I totally understand. The student notebook chart is a picture of the anchor chart. I will have to go take a closer look.
7. How do your units of study align with Lucy Calkins units? We were given her units of study to follow but she has 10 units. I know you are coming out with Unit 4 soon- will there be more on the way?
We will have 9 units when we are done. We are following the scope and sequence provided by Michele’s district. All of the lessons, etc are our own work, but we are using their outline as a guide for the unit theme. I think they actually used the Lucy Caulkins units as an outline.

8. I have used 'reading fingers' in the past (like the Halloween witch fingers but not as 'creepy' and come in assorted colors)- just wanted to let you know you can buy them in bulk through Oriental trading if you want to indicate that in your future publications!
I love it!
Unit 2
1. Elbow partner- same as Unit 1's partner, switch partner, who sitting next to?
see above

3. Do you actually say 'EEKK' or the whole thing
I say it both ways.

5. For retelling- do you do all the components during rw and an indep read/share? Seems like it would take way too long for the allotted time for RW.
At the beginning of the year, Reader’s Workshop will be very short. You will have time left over when Reader’s Workshop is over. So, you can use that time to do the “activities”. Then, during Reader’s Workshop you can use the projects during the active engagement part of the lesson. Later in the year,  when your reader’s workshop is longer, some of the “make it” activities can be made as a center, etc and then used in reader’s workshop during active engagement.
Slide5UUnit 3
1. Do you continue to have the stickys you taught about in Unit 2 available and encourage to use or just have them focus on characters?
The stickys will stay in the folder all year to encourage kids to talk about books.

2. Do you start to have them pick indep readers with sight words at this point so they can be used well in conjunction with what you are teaching in the mini lessson? Or continue to allow them to shop for whatever interests them?
They will have both kinds of books in their bags.
How many units are you planning on making- i ask this just because if each unit is about a month, 4 units would be about 4 months of material- leaving 6 months with no 'guide'.
We will have 9 units, enough for the whole school year.

Do you pull g.r. groups during your rw time? If so when do you begin that? For about how long? Do you also do centers outside your rw time and pull groups?
We start pulling groups when the kiddos have a stamia for independent reading of about 20 minutes. Then, we can pull one group during that time. Be sure that you are also spending time walking around and making sure that your children are actively engaged in the reading process. I do pull groups during centers, too.

Now, there are still 3 questions she asked that aren’t in this post. I will handle those tomorrow. Need to do a little checking on them. You can see any of these units on tpt by clicking on the cover of the units.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday! How do I relax?


If you were to ask my family how I relaxed they would say, “She doesn’t know how to relax!” And this is about right! I pretty much am on go all of the time, mostly with things related to school. Kind of a boring person to some! But when I do get away from teaching, I am a sun bum! I love anything to do with being outside. Andy and I have discovered the Caribbean and just love to go there in the fall. The first year I retired we went to St. Lucia. I wanted to go in October so that I could be drinking a frozen Margarita while my friends were teaching guided reading! SmileSorry guys your turn will come someday! We have also been to Hawaii and to Maya Rivera in Mexico. Our children introduced us to cruises and we have enjoyed two with them and two with my sis and her hubby! The sad thing is, no vacations this year. With Andy back in school, we will be staying put in Washington DC. A different kind of vacation!


When at home, I am usually outside in the yard. I love to dig in the dirt, plant a few things….It is a good feeling to stand back and look when you have spent most of the day in the gardens. It is a great way for me to totally get my mind off of everything else. Slide2

I also love anything to do with holidays! I start decorating my house for Christmas in early November. Each room has a theme with a tree in every room. Now if you think that is a little much, I taught school for 30 years. Most of the things in my home are gifts from kids and other teacher friends from over the years. That makes it extra fun to put out and remember all those great times. This past year I gave Megan and Tyler all of the ornaments they ever made to put on their own trees. Kinda made my cry, but it was so fun to see them hang the ornaments on the trees they were starting with their new families.


But what is most therapeutic? Good friends and hanging with my family is what keeps my grounded. They keep me in check and remind me of what is really important…them! (This is my dog Katie and Megan’s dog Lily Grace. They are a tad spoiled!)Slide6

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where do we Teach?


My “classroom” takes me all over the United States and to Canada! I love working as a National Presenter! I get to work with so many great teachers and see lots of great schools. As a matter of fact, I am headed to Birmingham this afternoon for a workshop tomorrow! I always try to blog about the things I am seeing when I get the chance to get into a school. My poor friends…whenever I am in their cities, they know I am coming and it is going to be a party! I get a little excited when I get to go back in and try new things! The photo below was just recently taken in Fergus Falls, MN. My super sweet friends, Shari Sloane ( and Kathleen Pederson (growing kinders), came and helped me out for the day. Of course, we had to have dinner at a fabulous Italian Restaurant and spend some time catching up! Slide2

So now on to the REAL room! This is Megan’s super fun kindergarten class. It is such a happy place. A place where kids and parents alike stop at the door to get a peek inside. Lights are kept dim with lots of area lamps, and soft fabrics and rugs warm up the place. But don’t let that make you think things are going to put you to sleep in that room! Things are always buzzing, with lots of talk, movement, excitement, and learning! Here are a few pictures to show what the room looks like:






The walls are used for learning! While there are many things hanging, here are a few pictures of some of the spaces. Good for me that I actually got to get into her room yesterday and to take these pictures!Slide8



And finally here are a few of those cozy spaces! I always look forward to going to her room, wouldn’t you!? I bet your rooms are super cute and fun too. Hop on over to Blog Hoppin and link up your classroom tour post!




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Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Mondays!


Pretty much all my “must haves” are in the same room….my office. When Andy and I moved into our home 12 years ago, I designed every inch of the space. There are slats to hold construction paper, pull out drawers for paper cutter, hidden printers…. Here are some of the must haves in there! (BTW, isn’t my Katie just the cutest dog ever! She pretty much just lays in there with me all day!)Slide2

So my laminator died! It didn’t take me but 10 seconds to say, “I have to get a new one!” First of all, since I am not connected to a school, I have to pay for my own laminating! This is cheaper than paying someone else to do it. Plus, Megan uses it all the time for those last minute, got to have it in the morning items. I don’t have a cameo Sad smile, working on getting one, but not yet. The next best thing is the cricuit. I love to use it to make patterns for “craftivities”! Isn’t that your term, Sarah Cooley?Slide3

Then, there is the paper cutter and the book binder. I love this book binder because it has the coil type binding. It works so much better than the comb type binders.The one true must have is…..Slide4

I can’t live without my diet coke. Like in my pajamas, get dressed and go to the store type of must have! Okay, so really probably send Andy after it if I’m honest! I have tried to give it up several times, but I just can’t. I have always loved popcorn, but about 10 years ago I went to Weight Watchers. I started eating popcorn at lunch because it filled me up and I could walk around and eat at the same time! It really helped me maintain my weight loss. The year I lost all the weight a parent told me this story….She was talking about wanting to lose weight and her kindergartener was listening in. The little girl said to her mom, “Well, if you just drink lots of diet coke and eat popcorn you will lose lots of weight! Look at Mrs. Adsit. That’s what she did!”Slide5

I didn’t get a chance to link up to the sneak a peek at my purchases after the TPT sale so thought I might add them here! I would say TPT is a must have…wouldn’t you? This first packet is by Kathleen Pederson. I just love it. It has all that you need to set up a kitchen area with writing paper, games and so much more. I originally thought about using it in my sweet daughter in law’s (Ginny) preK class. It will be perfect there. But there is so much more! This will work in any k class even if you don’t have the typical housekeeping area!


My next purchase was from this dyno duo-Deanna and Deedee! How excited was I to see this? As you know, Michele and I have been writing the units for Reader’s Workshop. Lots of teachers kept emailing me wanting to know if I would do it for writing too. How happy am I that someone else did the work for me! These girls are smart and have that cute factor that makes learning fun, engaging, and exciting! Perfect companion if you are also using the reader’s workshop units!Slide7

My next purchase was from fellow Georgia teacher, Anna! I was so excited to see these recording pages to use to develop higher order thinkers. This packet will allow you to provide activities at all levels of Bloom’s without having to do the prep yourself! Saves you lots of time!Slide8

My last purchase, for today, is from Erica! I always struggle with making that student feel really special when it is their week! I start the year off great, and then I kinda lose steam. This will keep me going all year to ensure that every student has a chance to shine! Check back tomorrow!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Let’s Learn About Number and Developing Fluency

What is subitizing? It's the ability to instantly recognize a set.  One of the first math games I learned was called, Say it Fast. We would flash cards with sets of dots and we wanted the kids to be able to quickly tell us how many dots they saw. That is subitizing.  This post has a fun subitizing game that I shared with a group of teachers at a recent training. This is a great activity to use each day as part of your daily routine.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with the kindergarten teachers at Bleckley County Primary School, in my own home state, GA. We worked on math standards.
This is a new game that they just loved. I got a headband from the dollar tree and added a piece of velcro. Then, I put a piece of the velcro on the dot plate card and attached it to the headband.
The teachers gave her clues about her “number” and she had to guess the number on her headband. What a hit! This idea is from the new packet, “Yee Haw! Wild About Numbers!” It has the dot plates already made, just have to copy and you are ready to go.  I play the same game with tens frames, fives frames, rekenreks, and dominoes. They are also in the packet. Once the kiddos are familiar with this game, it is great as a partner activity during centers.


I also posted another new packet a few days ago called “Cut, Stack, Staple, and Read”. It’s a super easy pack to implement and is a great way to practice fluency. To get started all you  have to do is to hit copy and it is ready to go. The slide above shows the steps and the slide below shows the cover of the new packet.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Spring Lake Elementary School! Just Beautiful!


Okay, so better late than never! I presented at the conference at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten back in July. Yep, that’s right, a whole school of kindergarten classes. It was pretty amazing. Here are some photos that I took there. First of all, I love a school that has well kept grounds. To me it just says we have pride in our school. The photo, bottom left, is an outdoor theater area. I love how they used the hill to make the seating. All I could think is how fun would it be to do reader’s theater there.Slide3

Inside the school was just as beautiful.  Murals were painted on many walls and all the teachers had signs like the one in the photo, top right.


Here were some photos from their library. Love the painted door! Both the car and the castle provided cozy places for kiddos to get comfy with books!


I was on the look out for dots! Ginny has the dot theme in her room and is looking for ideas. Love the cart on wheels! What  great way to roll around the supplies to where they are needed.Slide6

I have shared about the dots on the floor in my friend Michele’s room. (Photo, top middle.) Not sure how this teacher uses the dots, but in Michele’s room she would have the kiddos line up by giving them number clues…"get on a number that is more than 5.”  Or she might say, “Get on the number that is 4+1.” Or, “Get on the number that is one ten and seven ones.” You pick the clues to match your standards! Love it! A brand new teacher there covered boxes with wrapping paper to make her month display.



Okay, these seats are just too stinkin’ cute! Just love them. How special to come to the teacher table and get to sit on one of those!


How excited was I to see these poetry cards hanging in one teacher’s room. These are the poetry cards by Kim Jordano. The kiddos also make their own poetry book to go along with the larger cards. You can get them here on tpt!


This school loves Jack Hartmann, and I just love this cutout of him! It just made me smile. BSLK has hosted a Jack Hartmann concert for several years and I know they are doing it again Feb 2013. If you are in the Alabama area near Albertville, call and see if you can get in on that concert! I just love Jack. His music is spot on for those little boys who otherwise might not be too interested in singing! Check out his music here.

Jack gave me permission to make some of his songs into the little book format. I have those in my tpt store. They are a great way to bring that text to the song as you sing along. Also, they make a great listening center. Just put a cd pocket on the back of the book, burn the single song from your cd to match the book, and place it in the pocket. That way, the kiddos can get out the cd and listen to just that song as they follow along in the book. I have made over 20 of  his songs into little books. Here is one of the books:


Hope you enjoyed the tour! BTW, there were lots of bloggers and tpt sellers there! It was great to meet so many of them. If you were there, feel free to leave a comment if one of these pictures came from your room or if you attended the conference and want to share something you saw!

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