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Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Fun in San Antonio at SPLASH and a freebee

So it is Saturday and there are a lot of teacher who are spending it at the Frog Street Press, Splash, Conference! I am doing two sessions today. I am going to share something from each session, give a freebee, and put all the resources used in those sessions on sale for 20% off today only.
First session, Mixing Up Some Math and Science Fun. In this session I show teachers how to combine math and science standards in the same lesson.Slide2
For example…Winter Clothes Relay. In this game I made a deck of winter clothing cards. (They are in my Winter Wonderland Unit).
Collect winter clothing items to match the cards. *** Check the lost and found for items to borrow if you can’t find them!
Call up two children and have them each select a card from the deck (without looking).
Ask the kids, Which one do you think will take more time to put on? Which will take less time to put on? Why do you think that?
When you say, “GO!”, the children find the article of clothing and put it on. Ask the kids, Was your prediction correct? Who took more time? Who took less time?
Another game from this session is the numberline mystery. The kids turn over the number cards and decide where they go on the number line.
The freebee today contains the letters to make your own board. You can find the freebee on my facebook page. Remember you have to “like” the page in order to get into the freebee folder.
Here are the resources that I used to plan this session. They are 20% off  today only.
The other session that I am presenting today is Creative Comprehension. In this session I share fun ways to practice retelling.
Here are a few key ideas about retelling:
*Remember it is retelling not telling. The kids need to hear the story first.
*Don’t pass out the parts for the telling. You manipulate them.
*Pass out the parts to the kids and say, “One thing that good readers know is that if they can sequence the characters in the story they can use that to help them retell the story.”
*Have children refer BACK TO THE TEXT to get in the correct order.
*Invite the children to stick their item on the shovel puppet. (I used velcro.)
***Always think, What can I model using this book that will help my children as readers? What can I show them that they can use when reading another book? If it only helps with that story, then don’t use it!
This is my retelling for House for A Hermit Crab retelling shovel puppet.
Here are the resources that I used to plan this session. They are 20% off today only.
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