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Friday, September 6, 2013

I knew you before tpt!

I started presenting in 1998 at a conference in Atlanta, GA with my friend Wendy Gilstrap! A few wrinkles, a little more gray hair, and a sweet grandson under my belt….and I am still “hitting the pavement”. I bet some of you were IN kindergarten in 1998! I love presenting and meeting teachers, especially when I meet someone who says, “I knew you when….”
Well, I met one of those teachers in Durant. She took me to her room to show me some of the things she had made from a conference she had attended in TX many years ago. Then, she went on to show me some of the things she had made using my ideas as her inspiration. Here’s what you see above:
Pig Pink Colander is for retelling The Three Pigs. Both Greg and Steve and Jack Hartmann have super cute songs that you can use for retelling.
Fish Back Scrubbers is for the song “5 Little Fish”. (here) The song is sung to the tune of “Five Little Speckled Frogs”
The other creations were hers. Love the wolf made from the toilet scrubbers! The fish sponge has little pieces of sponge in the netting and she uses it for the rainbow fish books.
This bug song is from my “Frogs and Butterflies” unit and has been modernized since this picture to have text box words to make the chart and a flip book.
The booboo binder is from “Jazzin Up Journals”. It is a book that Kimberly Jordano and I wrote for CTP long before the days of tpt.
The number cards are REALLY old. She had found the picture on my website and made them for her room.
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Julie Holzenthal said...

Love the wolf! So I think the first time I saw you it was at the I Teach K conference in Orlando in 99 or 2000 & you were with Wendy. It was great! I went home and made it ALL including the Froggy Gets Dressed felt pieces! You're an inspiration!

amy.lemons said...

I love that she is still being inspired by you after all these years!

Kathleen said...

I knew you before TpT too! Your website was one of the few out there!

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