KinderGals: Have you heard, “I don’t know how to write?”

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Have you heard, “I don’t know how to write?”

So what do you say when kids say "I don't know how to write?" Well, I’ve said a lot of “hmmmm” and “ oh really”. After reading lots of books and watching lots of kids, I kinda made up my own ideas about what writing really was….So instead of looking at writing as something that had to include words, letters, or sentences, I started looking at where the meaning was coming from. I know there are lots of stages of writing development, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about where does the meaning come from?
So I now say this “ALL children can write!” As early as they hold a pencil or crayon, scribble on the paper and say “look, this says….” they are writers.  These are two of the slides from my Launching the Writer’s Workshop Session. This session really helps us learn how to get the writing started I our classes and how to have them write those things that they hold in their hearts.  After presenting this session over the years, teachers have wanted my anchor charts. So I finally finished putting these into a pack. The new “I Can Write!” unit includes:
10 Anchor Charts
Various paper styles including different sizes of illustration boxes and lines and no lines.Slide2Slide3
Brainstorming papers
Full color pages for instant print and laminate use! I made large and small spacemen so that I could use the large ones to model with on chart paper and glue the small ones to popsicle sticks for the kids.
A reproducible page with text boxes for making the individual writing folders.Slide7
And a rubric….including the individual student rubric, the class spreadsheet, the student rubric and the large anchor chart rubric.
THERE ARE NO MINI LESSONS in this pack like there are in my reading units.
I Can Write is on sale for today only for 20% off!
If you like this unit, you might want to check out my two other writing units:
How To Writing
Informational Writing
All the units are aligned to the common core standards.
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Kathleen said...

This looks fantastic!!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Ditto your thoughts. Drite-never heard of that term. THANKS for all you share!

Corey Meyers said...

OH MY GOSH!! I'm so excited about this! Thank you thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

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