KinderGals: Interactive Chart, Sight Word Reader, and a Flip Book…5 Little Ducks style!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interactive Chart, Sight Word Reader, and a Flip Book…5 Little Ducks style!

Last year I started looking back at some of the first things I put on tpt and I almost died! How did I ever think that was cute? Ever feel that way? I’ve learned a lot of “technology tricks” (thanks to my smart friends) and the clip art, frames, and backgrounds that are available now are like no other…So like we always do as teachers… “When we know better, we do better!”

I remade some things and then my schedule got crazy busy and I had to stop. During September, my slowest month, I have been reworking 7 older sessions that I will be doing this fall at several conferences. I wanted to freshen everything up a little, but when I got them out, Oh  Lawdy, they were going to need more than a LITTLE help….I remade several charts, books, and puppets.

One that I remade was my 5 Little Ducks interactive chart and flip book.


Here’s a photo of the new anchor chart:


And here’s the inside page of the 5 Ducks flip book that I ADDED to the pack. So if you already have the old 5 Little Ducks interactive chart and sight word reader set from tpt, you can go to your my purchases section and download again to get this for FREE and update your chart and reader!Slide19

I also updated the clip art in the little reader! It still is at the same price!

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Corey Meyers said...

Looks like you got some spam on your blog...I was wondering, do you have a place where you explain the interactive charts? What does that mean? I noticed it's a center on another post and wondered what the kids do with it?

Kim and Megan said...

Hey Corey,
For interactive charts:
1. There are pieces that can be manipulated. So for this chart, the ducks and the numerals can be removed and the numerals can be changed
1. They can be used as a transition to move kids from one activity to another.
2. They can be used as a shared reading to cover any print concepts that you would cover with a big book or focus poem.
3. They are a great center where kids can practice those early reading skills. It's fun to watch them "be the teacher."
Hope this helps...

Corey Meyers said...

Thank you! I LOVE your blog!

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