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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

These Teachers Love Them Some TPT! Do you see any of your ideas?

I love to look into the classrooms of other teachers….don’t you? While in Durant, I went down the first grade hall, and holy moly, these teachers love tpt! Now, I don’t know who’s store all of these cute items came from, so….that’s where you come in.  If you see one of your ideas, leave a link to it in the comment section! That way, others will know where to find it.
I’ll start…Love those punctuation people! I know they are by my sweet friend Michele Oakes. Here is the link for them:
Slide11Slide12Slide8Slide7Slide10Slide6Don’t forget to leave links in the comments if you recognize any of these!
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Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout out girls! :) I'm so happy to see people using my stuff. It makes a girl happy!

Katie said...

I LOVE the chevron number cards. I would love to know who has those and want to get them asap! :)


Teaching in the Tongass said...

The David craftivity is from Angie Neal and here's the link:

My kiddos did it this year and loved it!

Teaching in the Tongass

Lisa said...

I have the Owl punctuation in my room as well. They're from Miss Nelson at TPT:

I love the owl and polka dot theme!

Lesson Plans and Lollipops said...

I love the number posters too! I finally found them through Google! They are by Tricia Lyday and you can find them here:

Miss Kindergarten said...

I think that's my first day of school pencil!
So fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Katie said...

Thank you Lesson Plan and Lollipops...I'm going to check them out now! I just might have to change my number posters out next week. Ah, I know, I'm crazy!

Miss Beth Bean said...

That's right, Miss Kindergarten. Those proudly hang outside my classroom. :-) I just made a few minor tweaks to it. I couldn't find the correct color of construction paper, so that's aluminum foil. My kids LOVED the activity.

Miss Beth Bean said...

Kim, we loved your visit! You are soooooo right. We are such TPT groupies in 1st grade. :-) The polka dot alphabet posters were made by one of our co-teachers, Karen Rowland. She's a seller on TPT and has a blog about her (and some of our) adventures in 1st grade in Durant, Oklahoma. Check out Adventures with Firsties. :-)

Miss Nelson said...

I thought those were my owl freebies ... glad someone recognized them. Thanks for pictures. Love all of your fun crafts and creations.

Unknown said...

The black and white polka dot alphabet is mine! :) Here's the link:

The character word posters are also mine. I just whipped those together to match what I was doing in my classroom. I haven't posted them anywhere but I probably will now! :)

Thanks again Kim for all the wonderful posts and kind words about our little school in Durant! It's a wonderful place to teach and learn!

Karen Rowland
Adventures With Firsties

Katie said...

Does anyone know where he last poster came from that has to do with writing your name on papers? I so need that for my classroom!!!


Kim and Megan said...

Sorry Katie...I don't know.

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