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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More About Mississippi…

So yesterday I posted about being in Mississippi and I even talked about a post that I made about being there earlier this year….but, I never put that post up! Yes, I cropped the pictures and made the slides, but never did the post. So here it goes….The first slide shows the hallway where you come in the school. Love the letter and number tiles. I can see taking a small group into the hallway to use these in a game! (These slides were from two different schools in Mississippi!)
Love the bath tub reading area! The kiddos helped this kindergarten teacher make their own number display. Talk about ownership!Slide3
The picture cards in this slide were from a special ed class. Since the kids are coming and going at all different times, she made each child their own task board. When they come in the room, they look at the board and see where they are working first. As they finish one task, they look at the board and move to the next activity. The other picture shows some of the teachers working on making dot plates. I did a “Number” workshop with them.
See the clip on the fish? Below the fish there is a table. The teacher uses the clip to hang a card that has the names of the children sitting at that table. Then, if she wants to write any notes during the day, she has the card hanging right where the children are working. She just unclips the cards, writes her note, and clips the card back. At the end of the day she can collect the cards and record the results and notes in her formative assessment files.Slide5
Loved these maps that one teacher displayed in her room to help the children see their place in the world—city, state, country, world!Slide6
Love all the “cute” touches with the fabric! Just tied the fabric to a rod and “fluffed”! So what’s coming in my next posts….Jacksonville and Chicago! Then, next week I will be going “home” to GA to play in Megan’s room for a few days and to see what’s happening in Pre-K in Ginny’s class! I love my job and so glad that my “girls” are both teachers!
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Rachelle said...

You are one busy woman!!!!! Love to see all the schools you visit!!!! MISS YOU! BOOYA!

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