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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Math Centers

When Megan and I set up our Math Centers we set up 5 different stations—one measurement, one data, one algebra and geometry, and two number. Each area has a have to---something that everyone has to do---and can dos----things they can do when they get finished with the have tos.
1. The room is divided into 5 centers. Each center area has a "have to" center. The centers are stored in these boxes.
2. The children are divided into five work groups, with one group in each area.
3. The group leader goes and gets the tub her/his group needs for the day.
4. In each of the five center areas there is also the stacking storage container. Each drawer has different can do activities.
5. They only go to one area a day. They do the have to and then select from the different can do’s in their stacking storage container until time is up.
6. Each day they go to a different area that has a have to and a different stacking storage container ith different can do’s.
Apple Have To Centers
In the data center the children do this survey graph. They ask their friends which color of apple is their favorite. They make a circle graph to show their results.
They children made their apple trees at the art center. During math, they added the apples using their thumbprints. These two activities are from the Apples and Pumpkins Unit.
To make this comparing apples book, the children roll a dice and count apples to match the numeral. Then they add the two sets together. Be sure and scroll all the way to the bottom to snag this center as a free file.
Can Do Centers
When the kids finish their Have To Center, they choose the can dos. Here are some ideas of can do centers. The can do drawers have different things. One drawer has some kind of manipulative—pattern blocks, unifix cubes, etc. When we first add the manipulatives, we let the kiddos free explore, Then, Megan and I scaffold our kiddos. We show them different things they can do with the manipulatives, we use the manipulatives in various ways. Then, when they select the manipulatives as their can do, they can choose to do one of the things we showed them or make their own learning.  As long as they can tell me about the math in their play, I am good with whatever they create! Another drawer has some math games or puzzles that they have played before and know how to use independently. The third drawer has math books. Love that idea of the math books!
In this center, the kids are using the different sizes of pattern blocks to measure the various pictures.  This activity is included in the Pattern Block Unit.
In this center, the children roll a dice and add linking cubes to the towers until the towers have the number of cubes indicated on the square. This activity is included in the Linking Cubes Unit.
In this can do center, the children play with a partner. Each player turns over a domino. They compare the number of dots and place them on the game board. The player with less dots, spins the spinner. If it lands on less, they get both dominoes. If it lands on more, the other player gets both dominoes. This activity is from the Dominoes Unit.
In this fall themed math center, the children play with a partner. Each partner gets 10 linking cubes and snaps them together.  They say, "1,2,3 break." The players break their cubes into 2 pieces. They put one section of their cubes on either the A or the B.  The players compare for taller and shorter.  The player with the shorter "scarecrow" spins the spinner. If it lands on shorter, they add all of the cubes on the game board to their stack. If it lands on taller, the other player gets the cubes. This activity is in the Fall Themed Math Games Unit.

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Alessia Albanese said...

Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful ideas, Kim and Megan! Have a great week :)

ΡΌ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

School Sparks Renee said...

What fabulous ideas! I love the "have tos" and "can dos" organization. I'm sure your kiddos love it, too! Renee

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