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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Check out East Flora Elementary in Mississippi!

Earlier this summer I worked with the teachers at East Flora on Common Core Math Centers.  I was “sure enough” happy when they invited me back! (That’s southern for very happy!) This time we were working on writing related to the Common Core! There’s just something about being in the south! Where every one says, “ya’ll” and “bless your heart” that makes me really happy!
While I was there, the principal asked me to walk through the school looking for evidence of common core standards. I saw so many great things going on.
I have to say, it is such a cute school. Most of the teachers had their doors decorated! Loved their positive plan for catching children doing the right thing and for spotlighting newspaper articles about their school. It was right inside the front door. To me it says, “Look at our kids and teachers. They are the best!”
Here are some literacy ideas that I saw: In a k class they were learning about transportation. They thought of other ways Jack and Jill might get up the hill. They were also learning about word families.The teacher told me that she saw this idea on Pinterest.
Both of these teachers (2nd or 3rd grades, I think) were using literature to teach various literacy standards. Here are some more pictures I snapped of various reading and writing activities. Loved the photos of the kids “thinking.”
This 2nd grade teacher was using the whale theme to teach concepts of non fiction text. And this teacher was using literature, writing and art to help her children understand about bullying.Slide11
Here are some fall ideas that I saw on the kindergarten hall. The lips and marshmallow teeth were from a pre k class. I loved the place value houses. They were from a 2nd grade class.
These murals were made by the kids and their art teacher. They were actually quite large murals even though they look like standard size in these photos. They looked like maybe a group of kids worked on each mural.
Thank you k-2 teachers at East Flora Elementary for a great day of learning and sharing!
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Pocketful of Littles said...

Aww man

You were in MS!

I wish I would have know I am about 30 minutes from Flora

Pocket Full of Kinders


Deedee Wills said...

I totally love the whales! It looks like you had a great visit!

They were lucky to have you sweet friend!

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