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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Great School---this time Florida!

I was super excited when I found out that my precious friend Cheryl from Primary Graffiti lives near Jacksonville! I flew in on Monday and met with Cheryl and her husband for dinner. She is a self proclaimed “hippie”! I love her spirit! Be sure and check out her blog with all kinds of great things!Slide2_thumb[1]
On Tuesday I went to Callahan Elementary School to work with the teachers on Common Core! You know how you can just tell when you walk in the front door of a school that you would love to teach there? Well this was that school. The principal, assistant principal and entire staff were so welcoming and they had great snacks! Plus, there were lots of great things going on inside the classrooms! To say that these teachers love tpt and pinterest is an understatement! I would say, “What a cute idea!” and they would say, “I got that from tpt.” or “I saw that on pinterest!” Boy has technology changed the way we share ideas! If any of these ideas are your original idea from pinterest or your product on tpt, feel free to leave the link in the comment section below!
Here are some fall ideas that were hanging in the hall!Slide4_thumb[1]
This activity is from Abby at the Inspired Apple. The apple labeling activity is from Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants. The good news...they are both freebees! Here are the links

The cups are used to make numerals to practice tens, hundreds, and just use the number of cups you need depending on what you are teaching. The Venn Diagram is made from flying saucers from the Dollar Tree. They just cut the centers out. This was used in a second grade class to compare and contrast numerals. So maybe one side is two digit numbers and the other side is numerals that contain a “6”. So numerals like 36, 62, 26, 16, etc would be in the center part. Love it!
So, do you recognize the “All About the Number Anchor Chart?” That’s mine! It was so funny! One of the teachers was looking at all the samples that I brought. (Yes, I bring everything but the kitchen sink when I present.) She had no idea who I was so she asked me if I was the teacher who did the Number Anchor Charts? She said she recognized my “style” looking like the same style as the anchor charts. So she took me to her room to show me the anchor chart hanging! That chart is from my All About the Number Packs. There is a different packet for All About the Numbers 11-20. Slide6_thumb[1]
I think these common core standards are from Deanna’s pack. You can find that here. The performance goals chart was super cute. As the children reach their smart goal, they hang their popcorn piece on the chart. The popcorn words chart is for when children reach their sight word goal.Slide7_thumb[1]
Speaking of Common Core, I just loved this idea. The box is filled with the little task cards that you can just pull out when you have a transition or you could pull one each day during your number talk time. Are these on tpt?
Love the clipboards! What a great idea…one of those ideas that you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The teacher has the clipboards glued to the bulletin board. Then, she can just clip their work right on the boards!Slide9_thumb[1]
This teacher covered all of the closet doors (Wouldn’t you love to have all those closets?) with paper. Each set of doors displays the anchor charts for a certain subject. This really supports what we know about how the brain works. The brain is able to make a connection to “that spot” and can remember what is there even after it is taken down!Slide10_thumb[1]
I posted a while back about seeing Lindsey’s popcorn word wall in Karen Stamp’s class. Well, here it is again! Check out this post to see the links for the words on tpt and how Karen displayed the word wall. Slide11_thumb[1]
I saved on favorite picture for last. So why is it my favorite? It’s because of WHO teaches in this room! There are two male teachers at Callahan and this is the room to the Male Second Grade Teacher! I just loved all the sweet touches that were in the room! He was quick to show me his super organized room starting with the rolling storage container. The containers sit on this rolling board “thingy” that he says he got at Lowes. That second grade team was awesome, you could tell they worked well together!
I loved being in Florida…great friends, great school, and great weather! I didn’t want to go back to the cold weather…..
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Unknown said...

WOw, I would love for you to come visit my school. Common Core is new for first grade this year. We are all working very hard to get things aligned. I love peeking into other peoples rooms. thanks for sharing.
By the way I am your newest follower.
I'd love for you to stop by my little blog and tell me what you think. Thanks, Jessica

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