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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine Math Mat FREE Game

Math Mats are a great way to teach ALL of the number standards using the SAME game! Just by changing the cards, you create a new game specifically designed for each individual student.  After making the game boards, all you need is a collection of counters. There are so many cheap things that we can use as counters! We found these cute little valentine owl erasers at Target. We also found these valentine hearts at the Dollar Tree.
Here are the ways that we can use the SAME game board!
Invite the children to look at the dot configuration on one of the cards. Then, they count sets to match the dots. Repeat on each game board.
Invite the children to look at the numeral on the first card. Count  a set to match the numeral. Repeat for each game board.
Determine the number combinations for each child. For example, some kids may be working on combinations for 4 while others are on 6, etc. After deciding which number you want them to work on, give them cards with that number. Invite them to put the numeral on each game board. Now, show a different combination on each card. 
Addition can also be taught with the math mats. Give the child a collection of number sentences. Invite them to place a sentence on each game board. Use the pieces to solve the equation.
Finally...Subtraction. Just like addition, give the child a collection of subtraction sentences. Invite them to use the counters to solve the equation.
You can grab the Valentine game board at bottom of this blog post as a FREE download.
The dots, numerals, and fact sentences are part of the Math Attack Units. These units have the game boards, pieces, numeral cards, and a nifty record keeping system. There are two bundles of games.
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