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Monday, February 1, 2016

February Holidays: Groundhog's Day and President's Day

February is FULL of holidays! How do you celebrate all of these days and still maintain some sense of schedule? Two of the many holidays are Groundhog's Day and President's Day. Sometimes we want to have just a blow out day...a day where we do it all! But, sometimes, we do a little each day! Either way, these days are super fun to celebrate.

Groundhog's Day

Here are a few fun things we did for Groundhog's Day!
I grabbed this photo from someone's blog! I loved seeing our work in someone else's room. The bad news....I can't remember where? Is it yours! :) This fun paper bag groundhog is the perfect way to publish our nonfiction writing about groundhogs.
We made summer or winter hats to make our graph! If they wanted to have warm weather..then, they don't want the groundhog to see his shadow! If they want more cold weather...then, they do want the groundhog to see his shadow.
We started the day making our predictions. The next day, we wrote what we found out that night on the news.

A Little Each Day

You can get these plans here.

Or...All In One Day

You can get these plans here.

President's Day

Here are some of the fun things we have done in the past for President's Day.
We made a George Washington flap book. Then, the kids cut apart the words to make sentences with factual information about George Washington.  Under each flap they glue a picture to match the sentence.
We used toilet paper rolls to make Abe Lincoln's hat. The kids wrote message and hid them inside the hat just like Abe!
In Math, we rolled a dice and counted out cherries. Then, we shared the cherries between the four trees. Was it a fair share? They recorded their results.
During small group we solved this story problem. Some children used the clip art pictures, conceptual learners, while others drew, pictorial learners. Here are the plans we used during our study of President's Day.
You can get these plans here.

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