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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Look Inside a few Classrooms in Louisiana!

Does this look like work to you? See why I love my job?! I recently worked in Belle Chase with the kindergarten and first grade teachers. So how did I end up there?….Well, Gina and a few of her friends had purchased some of my units on tpt. They went to Anna (next to Gina) and Trish to see if the Parish would purchase some of them. After using the Reader’s Workshop Units, they convinced Anna and Trish to bring me to their Parish to do some training. I did a two day training on Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Then, they all came to Baton Rouge for the Destination Common Core Seminar. By this time we are all feeling like friends, (with a little dollar store shopping) so when I went there a few weeks ago to do some modeling and unpacking of standards, it was like a family reunion! Then, Trish wanted me to do some 2nd grade Common Core Training. I told her that it wasn’t really “my thing” but I had the perfect girl for them…enter Kathy Griffin! They loved her, she was awesome and they are having her back for more work with their 2nd grade teachers. So while we were there, Lizzie (first grade teacher and tpt author) and her mom had us all over for dinner. Then, the next night it was dinner on the town with the first grade teachers! I was actually there over the weekend and attended the French Quarter Festival with several groups of teachers and then a special dinner on Sunday for my birthday! They sure do know how to show this girl a good time!
So now, back to work…Here are some of the things I saw in some of the rooms…
Loved these organizers for magnetic letters. She is going to put the letter on the plastic pocket for easy letter put away.
Loved the title on this behavior plan. This was in Gina’s room and I didn’t really ask her how she used it, but Megan’s looks very much like it but with jungle animals. You can read about Megan’s behavior plan (here).
I saw these in the hall and I love them, but when the teacher told me that she had put kids with buddies and they had done them with partners I loved them even more. These will go great with my All About the Number Bundle Common Core requires us to have children working and talking with their peers as they learn to defend and share their thinking!
They love them some Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. Here are some things from the Writing Units! Love the “Don’t ask the teacher!” I am so going to do that one! So next post….I will tell you all about what we did when I was modeling in the classrooms!
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