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Monday, October 1, 2012

Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

We had such a great time learning all about apples this week. My kids learned so much about non fiction writing, the life cycle of a plant, and the different parts of an apple. Moreover, I had equally as much fun! I am dying to share the great resources I used with you.

The first resource I used was Kim's Apple and Pumpkin Literacy Game Pack and her Apple and Pumpkin Math Game Pack. We had so much fun playing all the games. This packet has a fun "I have, Who has" game that we played.
The richest learning occured when we played the number line mystery game. My kids had to tell me why the number went where they put it and WHY! Click here for the Math Game Pack and here for the Literacy Game Pack. I cannot wait to do all these activities again but with Pumpkins!
Then, I got Kim's Apple and Pumpkin unit. Wow! Did my kids love this! We did all kinds of fun things out of this packet. We created a bubble map, brace map, apple kabobs, and so much more! Click here for the Apples and Pumpkins Unit.
We made a large bubble map as a class. Then the students painted a paper plate and got to make a small book to include their bubble map on the inside!
The apple kabobs were the highlight of the day! They got to use red, green, and yellow apples to make an ABC pattern. The best part was getting to eat them afterwards!
This was our poem focus of the week. We used the two colored foam counters to practice different combinations to 10. I cannot believe I forgot to snag a picture of that. We were busy learning. We charted the different ways to make 10 and recognized the pattern in our number sentences.
This is the chart where we organized our thinking about apples. It was a great way to introduce non fiction writing in an interactive setting!
Can you believe we did even more? In one week? I will be back with more tomorrow on the end of our week!

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Miss Trayers said...

Love all the apple ideas-our apple unit wasn't anything compared to y'alls! :) The apple bubble map is so cool-how creative!


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