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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School Activities...and Printable Lesson Plans

It’s Sunday, once again, and I am linking up with my good friend Deedee Wills over at Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten for a peek at our week.Slide1
So we are still spending our mornings introducing how to do things. We are going to read David Goes to School to review our rules and Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten to help us write our list of school supplies. Want to read more about interactive writing? Go (here)!
We are also introducing our word family books and our abc charts for the first time.
Love our “target rule” strategy. Basically, we put the five kids on a cookie sheet with a magnet. We decide what we are working on—raising our hands, sitting on our bottom, etc. Pick one! Then, when the children are showing the rule, leave the kids on the cookie sheet. When someone doesn’t follow the rule instead of saying something, just remove one of the kids! Works every time!
We are continuing on with our reader’s and writer’s workshop.
During the reading foundational time you will notice we are playing three of the same games we played last week. I want my kids to “KNOW” how to play these games. These are staple games that can be used all year. I want to be able to put these as “can-dos” so they need to be able to play without an adult direction.Slide2
Sometimes I think we try to do just too much and end up running around like chickens with our heads cut off! So we decided to take our time on making the paper doll books. It takes quite a while to make the book so we are dividing it into two days and then making the paper doll on the 3rd.
Not sure what I’m cooking on Friday yet….
We are going to read Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse and talk about things that start with p. Here’s a lunch bag that I found and made into a purse to pull the items from.
We are also reading Go Away Big Green Monster and listing the color words. Here is a sample from last year of our interactive writing.
We are also reading Chrysanthemum to talk about our names!
You will notice that during our large group time we are introducing some math games. Then, the next day we play the same game again as a small group. Again, we are wanting our kids to know the framework of these games so that we can use it again with another standard and different clip art as our can do centers!
You can download the plans (here).
Now hop on over to Deedee’s blog to see what other teachers are doing this week.
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connie said...

Hi Kim - love the plans!! Had a quick question about introducing whole group math games. When you are introducing a game like "race to the bus" do you play once and then have pairs of kids playing all at the same time with you (meaning you need enough boards/game pieces for the whole class to play all at once)? If not, how do you do this?? Thanks again, Connie

Kim and Megan said...


We pull small groups of children 6 at a time to teach them to play the games. While I am teaching them to play the game, the other students are working with math manipulatives or playing a different game I have previously taught them!


connie said...

Hi Megan - thanks for the reply ")
I have another question, about readers workshop. I have made the anchor chants and read (and reread) the first unit. I am committed to doing the RW units - they are awesome!! I am having a difficult time planning my reading bock. 90 min for all I want to do. (I usually start with songs, then get busy with a morning message and get into a shared reading of a pocket chart poem, then a paper, etc) I'm curious about how you schedule your reading block(I'm guessing you have a large block of ELA). Do you start with your RW mini-lesson??
Thanks for your info and guidance :)

Kim and Megan said...


Send me an email I would love to share my schedule with you!

Unknown said...

Hi! Do you mind sending me the schedule as well I am a little curious about how you fit it all in too!

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