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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classroom Set Up Managing Behavior

There are tons of behavior systems and plans floating around out there in the teaching community. Some involve clips, some tickets, and some neither. I think the key here is that behavior management should be private and consistent. I don’t think a plan in and of itself is bad or good. It’s really the manner in which the teacher delivers her plan and carries it out.
I remember the days of giving check marks and writing their names on the board. I remember the days when the principal had a piece of “wood” that he used. Not so sure either of these systems would work with my thinking, but most others do.
As you can see from the picture, our clip chart hangs on the back of the door that leads out of our classroom. Why? Because it is no one’s business! We don’t need to air our dirty laundry. We handle our own discipline and others don’t need to know about it. In case you aren’t familiar with the clip system here’s how it works:
*Everyone starts on Right On Rhino.
*During the day, the kids can move their clips up or down as directed by the teacher.
*At the end of the day, parents are sent home a card that shows what animal their child FINISHED the day on. No need to report all the in between!
So how do we use it?
*Kids can move up for doing something extra—being kind, helping a friend, going out of their way, getting back on task after moving a clip down.
*If we are working in a small group and a child is having a difficult time doing what we are asking them to do (behavior not academic of course), we can very quietly tell him to go move his clip down.
*When, he comes back to the table, we remind him of what we are expecting to see.
*If he redirects himself and gets busy with the expectations, we can tell him we are so proud that he can make good choices and that he can move his clip up.
Now, to be honest I was very skeptical at first. But, guys it is amazing! The kinesthetic moving of the clip helps redirect the behavior. Megan included the clip chart in her classroom d├ęcor pack.
I don’t do a treasure chest. Here’s why…they don’t really work. The children who “earn” the right to go, would behave even if you didn’t have a treasure chest. The ones who don’t go, know very early on that they aren’t going to be able to go so they don’t even try.
Behavior is personal to me…See I have two kids…Megan that you know and Tyler that you might not. In school Megan was a pleaser. She did whatever the teacher said, she followed the rules, she always loved her teachers. Tyler….welllll…he was quite different. Tyler has never been mean or hurtful, but he has always thought he was incredibly funny. He would make jokes, play around, and….get into trouble! He knew that by 9 am he wasn’t going to that treasure chest so he didn’t even think about it! Tyler loves life. He makes our family complete. He reminds us all not to sweat the small stuff and to enjoy every minute that life has to offer you. So you can image as a mom, when as a child Tyler didn’t think he was a “good boy” that my heart hurt. We need to be sure that children don’t see their value as a clip or a ticket or any other type of system. But that we use the system to train and redirect children. That we remind children how incredibly proud they should be of THEMSELVES. We want intrinsic rewards, not material rewards. Not to say I don’t give my kids all means I do. But it is never some can get and others can’t!
Think about it like this…
What if our principals have a clip system and hang it in the hallway for all your peers to see.
Then, at the faculty meetings some get a treat for following the rules and others are reprimanded.
I am sure most of us would either be embarrassed, mad, or jealous. It wouldn’t bring out the best in any of us.
Instead, we like to work for a principal that builds a team, that encourages, supports, and defends us.
Thanks for reading my post. I don’t normally publish “soap box” posts. But, this is such a personal thing to me….
BTW, love you to the Moon and Back…Tyler…
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Unknown said...

Last year was my first year teaching (kinders - I taught pre-K before that) and my first year using the clip chart... it IS amazing! I don't report the in between stuff either (unless there was a major incident). I don't do a treasure box exactly either. I have class "store." Students earn "Lion Loot" for a variety of things, including behavior as well as answering questions correctly and participation. At the end of the week they can buy things in the store with their loot. It works like a charm and students work hard to earn their loot!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your post! I have taught Kindergarten over 30 years and feel the same way regarding behavior charts. The connection to the faculty meeting was great! There are good choices in life and bad choices in life. We all make mistakes and if a bad choice is made, own up to it, learn from it and move on to better choices. Have a fun day!

Anonymous said...
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Tchrgirl said...

I love your explanation. It makes me want to change how I do my clip chart. My son is just like yours, and he's a great kid, but a handful in school. I struggle with these children in my own class. I think this will help me a lot this year. Thank you for your soap box!

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed reading this and have not tried this type of system before in my K class. This year I am going to give it a go after reading the positive comments, especially when it is the child who is moving the clip and the learning to make good choices and be responsible for their behaviour. thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I am a BRAND NEW teacher. where do you store the "clips"? I am trying to see a better picture of it and I followed the link to the teacher store, but you have to buy a whole packet to get the behavior chart. Just trying to get a little more info and money is tight. Thank you in advance!

Paige said...

I am glad to see that there are more clip-chart supporters out there! I feel that they've gotten a pretty bad rap lately but believe that the success is all in its delivery! And I could get on my soap box and preach all day long about the horrors of the treasure chest and love that you agree.

Paige :)
Paiges of Learning

Kinder4Karen said...

Not a fan of the behavior charts...or card flipping charts...but I do like that your chart is kept private and that the kids are given a paper to take home letting their parents know where they stand. I know someone who holds that chart in their hand every day outside at parent pick up time and has daily conversations with parents about their children's behavior...I think it's horrible.

Kim and Megan said...

We did an additional post to answer all of the questions. You can find it here:

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