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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daily Schedules and Lesson Plans

Let's talk about "When?".  When do you do things…like schedules, plans, and management? Time management and scheduling can make or break us as teachers! On days when I'm off my game, when I don't have my plans, when I'm not sure what I'm doing...I can tell.  And I pay for it! The brain learns by pattern. That means, when we don't have a schedule, a predictable routine, procedures and routines, the brain is spending all of it's power trying to figure out what is going on! There is no brain power left to learn the standard for the lesson!
Last week I did a post on the classroom management system that Megan uses in her classroom. You can read about that (here).
You may also want to check out these posts on how we manage and operate our:
So what about our daily schedule? When I am out presenting to teachers, I get two questions almost every time.
1. Where do you keep all of this stuff? So here is a picture of MY garage. We have a 3 car garage and I had the builder put a wall to segment off one of the garages. This is where Megan and I both keep our teaching stuff. This is an older picture when just MY stuff was in there. So you can only image what it looks like now that I share the space with Megan!
2. How do you fit everything in? Here is our daily schedule. Scroll to the bottom and grab it as a FREE download. You might already have it. It is from our Ultimate Open House Scavenger Hunt Pack that has other forms to help you get things organized at the beginning of the year.
As far as lesson plans be sure and check out my Peek at my Week Pinterest Board.

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