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Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Megan and Kim

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Hi! It’s Megan and Kim with a little peek inside of who we are!
So here’s what I love…grandbabies, family, warm places, diet coke, popcorn, and anything outside!Slide1
Yes, that’s me. I come from a military family of 5 girls. (My baby sister is MUCH younger than the rest of us, so she isn’t in this picture.  She is only a few years older than Megan.) My poor dad, he wanted a boy so badly…He loved and spoiled us and tried to teach us how to play softball, but to no avail. No athletes in this group!
I have a very strong group of women in my family, we outnumber the boys BIG time! Matthew, our oldest grandson, was the first boy since my son Tyler! By the way, that’s my baby sister—far left.
I am married to Andy, the love of my life for 30 years. We meet in March, were engaged in April and married that same July. People thought I shouldn’t marry him because I couldn’t possibly know him! But, ask anyone who knows us and they will tell you he is perfect for me.  We really do compliment each other..I’m loud, he’s quiet; I’m an extrovert, he’s an introvert; he likes to cook, I hate to cook; I like to work in the yard, he hates it. But, we both enjoy our family, spending time with them and each other. Retirement has brought us some extra time to spend off on some pretty wonderful trips together!
Did we really raise these two? I am so incredibly proud of them.
I love to go on trips with just Andy, but there is nothing like a family trip to build some strong relationships. Andy and I both are truly committed to our children growing as adults, as friends. Now, not every minute of every trip is drama free, let’s just keep it real, but when we look back those are the times that we laugh about the most!
This is Megan’s family---Megan, Nick and Matthew! They love baseball, movies, and anything Matthew!
This is Tyler’s family…Tyler, Ginny and the newest member-Brody! The love camping, boating, biking (Ginny is the best cheerleader), and right now I think they would love a little sleep! Babies are hard work!
Now I love my kids. Like love them more than life itself.!!!! These two boys are the most wonderful gift that my kids could have given me! I can’t believe I get to be their Gam! The best part is, I get to stay home with them when I am not traveling. I don’t get a lot done on those days, like most days I am still in my pj’s when they all get home from work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. No teaching, no blogging, no presenting, and no tpting will every compare to the time I get with them.
Some people were born into your family, they have no choice but to call you family. But others, are picked! I really do have the best friends—from high school friends, to teaching buddies, to presenting buddies, to blogging buddies, to people you meet because you share the same passion in life—these are the people I get to call my friends.
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First Grade Funtastic said...

Great post! Your grand babies are adorable!

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