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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Set Up that Improves Teaching and Learning

There is more to classroom set up than creating a beautiful environment.  When arranging our rooms, we consider how we "use" our room. We ask ourselves, "How can we arrange our room so that it improves our ability to teach and our kids ability to learn?" This post shares all of our thinking about effective classroom arrangements.
Here is where we started…
And here’s the end result.
Now, how did we decide to set up our room like this? Here are all of the posts that share details on setting up for effective teaching.  Click on each link to read more.
Where are the Tables?
What’s on the Walls?
Reader’s Workshop
Writer’s Workshop
Behavior Plans
Math Centers
Literacy Centers
Organization Tips
Organizing the Large Group Area
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Anonymous said...

I love your set up. I'm excited to try some of your ideas. I have a tiny room. How big is Megan's room? Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves!

Unknown said...

I appreciate the time taken for posting many of these well-planned ideas for setting up the school year - excellent class management techniques and exceptional organizational expertise. I know I will implement a number of them. Your incoming children are fortunate to have dedicated teachers like the both of you in creating such a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Mrs. López said...

Your room looks wonderful! How did you make your kidney table look so lovely?

Wendy said...

Kim and Megan,

Do you use fabric or cloth tablecloths on the tables ? Where are some places to locate cute ones ?

Thanks !
Wendy Darcy

Kim and Megan said...

Hey! We did an extra post to answer all of your questions. Find that post here.

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