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Sunday, September 4, 2011

No More Letter of the Week!



click on the school time rap book to find the link on tpt

click here to print the pages and pictures for the abc book

click here to print the directions for how to do the alphabet book

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Unknown said...

I remember those days! The kids come in and there are balloons all over the room for the letter 'B' much fun =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Anonymous said...

Just had this discussion with a teammate of mine! Kindergarten is more like 1st grade used to be.
Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

Unknown said...

Love your ideas! Y'all are so creative! Take a look at my post and then grab this button at and add it to your wonderful blog! :)
Crayons and Curls

Tessa said...

Thank you for sharing. I have an extremely low class this year ( most missed 30 or more on their assessment of both capital and lower case letters). This will work great in our first small group sessions.

Thanks for sharing!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Busy Bees said...

I just love all of the great ideas you post each time. I can relate to the letter of the day from way back when. It is so much fun teaching it through literacy, singing, etc. The kiddos have a much stronger foundation! Thanks for the free download.

Theresa said...

I voted your blog as one of my Top Ten! Check it out and grab your award at TBA!


BTW- I can't get your button to work.

Grandma Sandy said...

I totally agree that kindergarten has completely changed! We were talking about it at school the other day. When I started teaching it was more of a time to practice getting along and learn your letters. It has amazed me to see how much change we have made. It is our job to change with the times. I really like your ideas!

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