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Monday, September 19, 2011

Using Nursery Rhymes in the Classroom

Do your kids know Nursery Rhymes? I know mine don't. I just can't imagine never saying Humpty Dumpty in a kindergarten class.  But when? When do we have time for Nursery Rhymes? How can we develop a system that will ensure that we have a systematic approach to teaching the Nursery Rhymes? I decided to do a Nursery Rhyme each week. Here are some of the things that I think about:
  • I can usually tie it into my unit. For example, if I am doing Space, I could do Hey Diddle Diddle. Or, when I am doing a Family unit, I could do There was an Old Lady. Christmas Unit-Little Jack Horner. School or Farm Unit-Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc!
  • I send the rhyme home on Monday in our Peek at Our Week newsletter.
  • We say the rhyme each day as part of our circle time.
  • Many artists have recorded versions of the Nursery Rhymes. I made a play list on my phone for each rhyme. When it is clean up time, I can play the Nursery Rhyme Library.
  • Create motions for the rhymes. This makes it easier for the kids to remember to words. 
  • Chart the Nursery Rhyme on chart paper. Interact with the poem throughout the week. Find words, punctuation, etc. Track print as you read.
  • At the end of the week, we have The Nursery Rhyme Challenge. Kids take turns saying the rhyme throughout the day. As they say the rhyme, the sign their name to the Nursery Rhyme Chart.
  • Each child has a Nursery Rhyme book. On Monday, when we introduce the Nursery Rhyme, the children glue the new rhyme into their book.
  • The Nursery Rhyme books are kept in their carpet bags. This allows for quick and easy access anytime we need them.
You can read more about carpet bags in this blog post. Carpet Bags Blog Post
The Nursery Rhyme Book can be found in the Pack It! Learn It! Morning Meeting Unit.
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Busy Bees said...

Love the signing the paper idea. I do the same with letters/sounds. It is a very easy tool to use and to progress monitor your kiddos. I love the thinking that not everything has to be cute!! My next goal for our blog is inserting the background pages and then putting my pictures on to make it look "cute". How are you doing your background and pictures. They look classy and I am sure it is easy...I just can't figure it out! I am a visual person so it adds a lot to your blog!!

Kathleen said...

Love the nursery rhyme download, Kim! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I love your blog! I really like how your posts are so colorful! How do you do that? Do you type them up in word and save as jpeg and insert each picture? Please tell :-)

Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

Jessica said...

Kim- I love all your cute and educational ideas! =) Question, how do you write all your blog posts on those cute lil backgrounds?!!!


Kim and Megan said...

I construct the post in power point. The background is where I have scanned in scrapbooking paper. I save as a png. Then, use windows live writer to upload.

Busy Bees said...

Thanks for the info on the darling background posts. We will have to give this a try this weekend or maybe sooner!!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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S.N said...
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Hannah Bailey said...

Nursery rhymes teach children to pronounce words. A lot of nursery rhymes are full of interjections or funny words. They have the role of helping children repeat difficult groups of sounds with the aim of improving their speech. Above all, nursery rhymes teach children intonation and correct pronunciation.


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