KinderGals: Bubble Maps and Farm Fun

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bubble Maps and Farm Fun



Click here for Farm Sticker Story Book Cover

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Busy Bees said...

Your farm unit looks great. I heard Kim Jordano speak a few years ago at I Teach K conference and loved her. She is awesome. Her ideas are great. I can see why you 2 are friends. We did our Poetry books today and buttered with our highlighters, too. Can't wait to see your surprise on Wednesday!!

Andrea said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog, website, and TPT store (so much that my husband probably wants to throw my credit card away)! I have 21 very diverse kiddos, some who are almost ready to write and some who cannot write their names. Do you have advice on how to differentiate these centers? I want to pull small groups during literacy centers without making my lower kiddos feel overwhelmed! Thanks again!

Rose said...

I love your blog and website. your Literacy and Math are great. Can't wait until payday to get your farm unit. I'm glad to hear Kim has put her items on TPT, she's great. Thanks for sharing.

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