KinderGals: Morning Routine Part 2

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Morning Routine Part 2



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Teacher...Mom...Wife..Etc! said...

Ok. Maybe I am just a little slow (I am a special ed teacher), but I don't understand the carpet bags. I am more of a see and do type person. Could you post a small video of how/when these are used in your classroom?

Kim and Megan said...

Teacher-Mom-wife! Don't feel like you are alone! The carpet bag idea is unique and if you haven't seen it in action, it is hard to understand. Now, the video thing...I am really new at this whole blogging thing. I have a giant learning curve going on! lol So...I have this in my to do basket. I think it would be great! So keep looking...:)

primary practice said...

Kim and Megan, great post! I'm wondering how you use the white pockets (to the right of the student) in the food choice pic. Also did you create that organizer from a shoe holder? I am thinking that might be a great idea to utilize space below my chalkboard ledge!
Primary Practice

Kim and Megan said...

That is a shoe bag! It is my mail center. Children write/draw each other letters. They love it!

primary practice said...

Thanks for explaining! I love this idea and use of space!
Primary Practice

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