KinderGals: Morning Routine…Part 1

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Morning Routine…Part 1



ANTS book cover page

ANTS book parent introduction letter

ANTS book behavior letter

ANTS book Daily Schedule

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Busy Bees said...

Love your ANTS book. I have done a BEE book in the past and this year decided to do a PIRATE book. Love the show and tell bags and clues!! Thanks for sharing the freebies!

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Thanks for the Show and Tell bucket idea. Do you return the Show and Tell item attend of the day?

Teacher...Mom...Wife..Etc! said...

I love the ANTS book as well. I just discovered this type of folder/binder over the summer and I LOVE mine! I am not an organized person, and this has made such a difference in school/home communication for my kindergarten and 1st grade special needs students.

Kim and Megan said...

@ s parker...I usually just let them go ahead and put it back in their bookbag after they have had their turn.

Mandy said...

These posts are so perfect for me...I JUST took a 5K job in the public school system after staying home with my kids. I start Monday! I've taught preschool at a little church school for the last three years and prior to that, second grade for 9 years. Thankfully, I have some experience in the classroom. But your posts and ideas have really helped me build some confidence and a routine in which to start! Thank you!

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