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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Remember these? Carpet Bags….

Slide1You might have been to a workshop where I have talked about my carpet bags or you might have read about them in a previous post. After lots of requests, I finally made them into a packet where others can get them. You might ask, “What in the heck is a carpet bag?” I decided to just bring back that old post where I described all of the parts.

So here goes:







So here’s what they look like in the new pack:



This pack, Pack It! Learn It!, has all of the components in the blue and green slides, except for the calendar. It is sold separately. The design of the pages is more generic instead of the picnic theme. That way more teachers can use it. Be sure and look at the red chevron slides for what the pages in the pack look like. Plus, I added several new items. The biggest new item is the working mats. This bound book has all of the graphic organizers and game boards that I use in large group. This will make it a so much easier than trying to pass everything out! I also added alphabet and blends and diagraphs charts and color cards as well as color cards for the word families. This is a great summer project to get ready for the fall! The pack is on sale for $10 until Monday night at midnight!

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Sarah Adams said...

I really like this idea. My students hardly ever use tables for whole group work time. They spend most of their time using clipboards and sitting on the carpet. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Miss A's Kindergarten

Karen Stamp said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been thinking about how to adjust/improve the bags I used this year... and you gave me lots of wonderful ideas. (Yes, it's already on my wishlist!)
LOVE it!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

krazy4K said...

just bought on tpt!!! thanks so much! i have been using your idea for carpet bags the last couple of years. i call them smartie bags. :) glad you have packet now so i can add to our smartie bags. see you in vegas!!! woo hoo!
Leigh Ann

If You Give a Teacher a Blog... said...

You just became my inspiration for today! I love the carpet bag idea. So handy and such a great time saving resource for kiddos. Thank you for sharing!

Mimi said...


I just bought your packet! I am in the process of making all of your wonderful items! I have a question can you tell me what the picture is for the Xx? I can't figure it out!!!



Jayne Gammons said...

Hmmm...I had 28 last year and 28 next year. The furniture didn't leave room for the children. Your post has me thinking! Thanks, Jayne (in Bibb)
ABCs of Reading

Smart Kids

Lee Ann Rasey said...

I like the idea of the bags. So, do they keep all of the booklets in their bag to use as whole group sitting on the carpet? Does it take time for the kiddos to find the page they need or have trouble finding the page? Do they get the booklets mixed up?

Kim and Megan said...

Lee Ann,
I only add the booklets as I teach them. So the bag starts off empty with just a marker and a dry erase board. Then, as I introduce the items, they are added to the bag. All booklets are labeled with their names. It can be a little of a mess on the floor, but so worth it!

Mrs. Eslick said...

Where do they keep them when you are giving directions? In their laps next to them? Love the idea just trying to figure out the management of them.

Mrs. Eslick said...

Where do they keep them when you are giving directions? In their laps next to them? Love the idea just trying to figure out the management of them.

Kim and Megan said...

The kids get the bags out of their baskets in the morning and place them on their square. We leave them there all day! The kids either lay them in front of them or beside them. I do train them not to touch the bags while I am teaching.

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