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Saturday, April 27, 2013

What’s at the Target Dollar Spot?

When I go to Target with my husband, he drops me off at the door and then goes and parks the car. Now, you might be thinking, “How sweet!” (He really is.) But, this has nothing to do with being sweet….he doesn’t want to look in the dollar spot! So he drops me off so that I will be done in the Dollar Spot by the time he gets in the store!
So here are some quick pictures I snapped!
*Love the bug magnifiers! Great for science or as a novelty for reading!
*The cardboard magazine boxes are great for book bins.
*Old Maid and Go Fish are fun games for indoor recess.
*French fry holders to make a counting game by making paper or sponge french fries as counters.
Love these $1 non fiction books. The Family Fun books have some cute crafts but can also be used to show examples of How To writing. The “I can write” series is a little more advanced…probably good for 2-5 grades, but maybe can be used in the lower grades.
Who would have thought it? Chip clips! Here’s a fun way to do the Five Little Speckled Frogs in a center. Great for fluency, number combinations, addition, one more, one less…..Here’s the reproducible pages:
Five Little Speckled Frogs Reproducibles
These are sets of coasters. At first I saw the hamburger and it reminded me of that story elements idea that has been around for a long time. I did change the words I used just a bit to match the kindergarten common core standards. Then….I thought about that old game “Cootie”. In case you don’t know how to play, here’s how: Invite the children to roll a dice. Whatever it lands on, they get that part of the sandwich. The object is to build the whole sandwich. Why do this? This is a great way to practice subitizing (instant recognition of dot configurations)…a common core must do! Here are the downloads for the dots and the story elements:
Story Elements
This party garland is from Valentine’s Day, but I totally forgot to add it to the blog post I did earlier about Dollar Store Finds. So here goes….This is great for any of that party garland you see in the party section of the Dollar Tree. I used the sticky foam numbers to make a number line. Lay the number line in a straight line on the floor. Put a small counter, such as a candy heart, on each number. Give the children a game piece and a dice. Invite them to roll the dice and move the game piece that many spaces on the number line. Then, they remove the candy heart that is on the number they landed on. They continue rolling the dice and moving the game piece to try and capture all of the candy hearts. They can move forward or backwards!Slide13
Here are a few more pictures from the Dollar Tree. Love these gift bags! I know there has to be a fun way to use them! Love these dust pans, too! What would you do with them? So keep the game going….leave a comment about how you would use the bags and the pans!
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Miss Squirrels said...

Oh that Dollar Spot gets me every time!!
Mine doesn't let me out and park, the whole family just goes right past it and leaves me behind :(
If they only knew what "gold" was really in there!!
Going Nutty!

Kristin Young said...

You could use the gift bags {if they're durable} to hold centers & game pieces! I love putting something together ONCE and just having to pull it back out next year.

And those non-fiction books are great!!! Good finds!

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I am going to Target tonight and I am so excited! :) Thanks for the heads up!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

krazy4K said...

i love you kim and all your great ideas!!!

Bridget S said...

I love the frog clips and the bug magnifiers. I'm headed to Target today :)

Literacy Without Worksheets

Bridget S said...

I love the frog clips and the bug magnifiers. I'm headed to Target today :)

Literacy Without Worksheets

Dana said...

I got those magnifying glasses and put it with my Rockin' Roll and Read center! The kids love using them! I have to go back and get those frog clips! Too cute!

Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

Mrs. Anderson said...

I love the Target dollar spot. The gift bags could be used to hold books about a topic. The dog one could hold fiction and nonfiction books about dogs. Just find books to match the bags & then have students choose a bag. Display the books and add a sign that says, "READING is a GIFT!"
Connie Anderson:)

Aimee V. said...

I love the french fry holders! The Dollar Tree is my favorite. If you go in the store with an open mind, who knows what you'll come out with!!

Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

Cindy Price said...

The dust pans could be used in a literacy or a math center. Sweeping up Nonsense words and have them sweep all the nonsense words into the dustpan. They could also sweep all number sentences that equal a certain number. Sweep up sight words. There are endless uses for sweeping up skills in small groups.


KathyS said...

I love you.

Julie Holzenthal said...

Oh my gosh... have to get those dust pans! My kiddos love sweeping... so I would use plastic flies for the frogs & have them sweep subtraction problems while reading subtraction stories. You could also do the same for the dog & use dog bones (there is a new Scooby Doo cereal too). I like the idea of the sweeping the sight words. I bought bone cut outs from dollar tree last summer.
I made mixed up sentences with the hamburger coasters. Those are fun! Definitely making the cootie game! I made the SAME thing with the frog clips but my log was a stick.

Cindy Price said...

I did the same with the frog clips. I used a real stick also. They also had donut coasters and I used these for the story if you give a dog a doughnut. I put different parts of the story on them and the kids had to put the donuts in order and retell the story! I liked the idea of sweeping the flies and dog bones for subtraction.

Cindy Price

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