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Friday, February 22, 2013

It’s Finally Done—Reader’s Workshop Unit 7 Building Foundations

Can’t believe it; but, yes it is finally done! (Be sure and read ALL the way to the BOTTOM for a surprise!)Every time we finish a unit, Michele sends me an email and says, “Okay, I think this is the best one yet!” Is it because we are excited about teaching it? Is it that it is like having a baby? Aren’t all babies the best? Or is it just because we are DONE?!!!!!
I just love the clip art by Nikki at Melonheadz! She is the best! This unit uses her tool clip for a building theme to teach the reading strategies. We’re kinda over the whole animal themed reading strategies and wanted something new that our reluctant readers, who are mostly boys, would make a connection to! I think we hit the nail on the head…no pun intended!
Some of y’all might wonder how we split up the work load. Well, first we meet together at a local restaurant and hammer out the unit…what it will be, what will be the theme each week, what are the mini lessons, what do we need for the teach and active engagement portions of the lesson, and what pieces we need to make it all fun and exciting for our little readers. (We tend to take up the table for most of the day, so we try to be REALLY nice to the servers!) In the units Michele has scripted the mini lessons as well as the monthly overviews. I think she is a gifted writer and has a way of explaining things very clearly. My job is to make all the “pieces”. I make the anchor charts, the games, the celebration, and any other items we need to support our readers.  Michele sends everything to me and I proof read and add clip art! Yes, we both read it and yet we still seem to make a few mistakes!
Here are two of our games for stretching out words and for looking all the way through the word!
We also spent two weeks teaching author’s craft! This is one of my most favorite things to teach during Reader’s Workshop. I love how they start using the craft in their own writing.
We finish the unit with this fun craftivity where the kids actually make the tools and a little tool box to hold them! Super fun!
Recently Michele and I bundled units 1-3 and units 4-6 for a discounted price. So from now until midnight Sunday, 25th unit 7 will be at the discounted bundle price for a single unit—$8 instead of the normal $10! Click on the cover or follow this link to see the unit:
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Bridget S said...

That is awesome. I love how you can stretch the words!!!! The graphics are adorable! What a GREAT resource!!!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Giggles and Squeals said...

This looks so much fun! Yeah! I can't wait to lay this foundation (hehe!)

But Kim seriously, I think I am using too much of your stuff! I had a dream the other night I got a job and you were my partner! Wonder what that might mean?

Well anyway thank you for always being my distance partner!

Mrs. McHaffie said...

simply amazing! So excited to get this unit but I'm going to wait till Monday because you two deserve every cent from that $10!!!

Loving this reader's workshop series!

Deedee Wills said...

Yay! I am so happy you have it complete!!!! It looks awesome and I am so excited to use it with my little learners. They love your units (and so do I).

Cindy Calenti said...

This unit is dang cute! Both the content and visuals are super.

Granny Goes to School

Julie Holzenthal said...

Just bought it! Love the others & I'm sure this is no exception! They are amazing resources!

Rebecca Gravholt said...

My kindergarten kids have loved the first 3 units. The boys really loved the digging deeper culminating activity. Thanks for organizing all these standards and making them fun for the kids and for me!

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