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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are you off for President’s Day?


Are you out of school tomorrow? Megan is off and we plan to celebrate with a little “baby shopping”! I am home, in GA, for the long weekend and we are going to hit the stores tomorrow to get any last minute baby items before I head back to DC!

Maybe you celebrated President’s Day last week in your room. but, if it is in your plans for this week, here are a few ideas from my Hooray for President’s Day Unit. We made these cute craftivities with “cut a sentences” about George Washington and Abe Lincoln.Slide4

We compared the two presidents on this graphic organizer.Slide5

During math the children did the survey graph and interpreted their data.

Check out the two pictures below. I have talked a lot about CPA—Conceptual, pictorial, and abstract learning. Slide1Slide2

So how would you answer these questions? Here’s my thinking….slide one is conceptual.. Conceptual means the students are able to manipulate. The clip art pictures become a manipulative. However, she is also showing her answer abstractly by adding numerals to her recording page. Slide 2? I saw pictorial…he solved the problem by drawing his thinking…

What we know…learning should always begin conceptually! This is the only way we can ensure that real understanding is occurring. It allows children to build mental images of their thinking and not just memorize facts!

Okay, so does that sound like a text bookie or what?!?! People often tell me my personality is very different from the way I write! So for those of you who know me, just imagine me telling you this, with my southern accent, adding a few jokes, and forgetting what I was saying and it will seem more like me! Have a great day!

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Busy Bees said...

There is no school for Presidents day for my kiddos, but I have teacher in service. Your stuff looks great!

Reagan Tunstall said...

Kim this looks fantastic! We are all about thinking maps and thinking conceptually these days! You are hitting it right on the head here friend! Love this!

Deedee Wills said...

You are the best!!!

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