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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where do they live? Animal Habitats Sorting Activity and Bookmaking

Kathleen is working on her Animal Unit that goes along with her reading series by Scott Foresman. She made this cute little activity for her smart board to review the different habitats. (Oh no, I said smart board again. Reason 5 I want a smart board-I love all the interactive games you can make!)Slide12
After the review, it was my turn. Kath had prepped the bear habitat book from my Science Blasters Animals Wild and Tame packet. So I demonstrated how they were going to make the step book. First they cut the habitat labels and glued one on each page, along the edge. Then they cut out the clip art pictures and sorted them by gluing them on the page according to their habitats. Next, they labeled each of the animals.
Finally we cut out the ears, glued on the eyes and nose, and added the title. Here’s the display in Kath’s hallway.

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Amy Dahmke said...

Love this! A good friend of mine actually teaches kindergarten at the Omaha zoo, so I plan on sharing this with her!!!

Rachelle said...

Love the title of that "habitat is where it's at"!!! So cute!

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