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Monday, October 17, 2011

Here Comes the Bride!


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Mrs. Kindergarten said...

This looks absolutely wonderful!
How much better could it get?

Mrs. Kindergarten

Jess said...

Beautiful! I love the details and the sunflower were just perfect!

Ashley Nichols said...

I love weddings!! So happy for your family that Ginny is now officially a member!!! :)

Deanna Jump said...

LOVE it! So happy for Tyler and Ginny. There is nothing more precious than family.

Busy Bees said...

What a perfect looking wedding! I love the photo booth idea. I don't have any kids married yet, but both of their boyfriends/girlfriends have been around for over 6 years. I know what ya mean by they already seem like family!! So happy for you!

Dual Kinder Teacher said...

You look so cute with your honey! Congratulations :)
Dual Kinder Teacher

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