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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Is Here!



click here for comparing pumpkins

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Kennedy said...

Does Megan have a certain writing curriculum she follows or did you when you were teaching? We are looking into different ones and just wanted an outsiders opinion!! Thanks so much:)

Kim and Megan said...

Kennedy-Megan and I both use Lucy's Writers Workshop. It's the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is your conducting a survey/graphing paper in one of your packets? Thanks so much!


Kim and Megan said...

Hey Danielle, I tried to find it on my computer to put as a free download, but couldn't find it. It must be at Megan's school. However, if you like the survey type graphs check out my Graph it and More graph it packets on tpt. I will try to find the blank one to put as a free download next week.

Ms.M said...

If you ever come to NE, you let me know.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Andy the Tech Dude said...

Ms. M, we try to keep Kim's conference schedule updated on her web-site: Just click on the Where
Am I

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