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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Peek at My Week! Winter (Yes, Winter Finally Game to GA) and Groundhogs Day

Hope all my southern friends are all thawed out! I know you northerners just want to shake your heads at us! You never “get good” at things that happen only once in many years.  So as we start back to school, here’s what we will be doing….
Can you believe it is February, already?
Groundhog’s Day is today, so you might have already covered it…sorry! If you were waiting until tomorrow, here’s what we are doing. Click on each of the graphics above and it will take you to where you can find the lesson plans for Groundhog’s in a Day and Groundhog’s, a Little Each Day. These ideas are from our Hooray for Groundhog’s Day. We did add a few new activities to that unit. I talked about them in this post (here).
We always wait until later in January to do our winter unit. IF we are going to have any winter weather, this is the time of year that it will happen. We hit the nail on the head this year, now didn’t we.  So….Here’s what we are doing the rest of the week.
Page 1:
Top Row shows what we do each morning for our morning meeting. We do the calendar and then an activity that works on those reading/writing foundational skills. Good news is that once we had this figured out, it stays the same every week, only changing the words we are using. So this page basically stays the same each week.
Second and Third Rows show what we are doing during our Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Time.
Bottom Row is our foundational mini lesson before we send the kids off to do centers.
Page Two is what we are doing during Literacy Centers. You can read more about how we organize our literacy centers on another post. You can find that post (here).
Top Row is what we are doing at “the teacher table”.
Middle Row shows what are 5 “have to” activities will be for the week. The kids do one a day. This is all explained in the post mentioned above.
Bottom Row shows what the kids are doing once they finish their have to. These are the traditional literacy centers. I keep them very open ended so that I don’t have to check it! As long as they are busy learning and relatively quiet, all’s good!
Page 3 shows what we are doing during our Math Workshop Time.
Top Row is our mini lesson.
Middle Row is what we are doing at “the teacher table.”
Bottom Row shows the 5 have to activities for the week.
Page 4:
This is the last page. It shows the activities that are available to the kids once they finish their have to math activity. You can read more about organizing that (here.)
I hope these are as helpful to you as they were to us. When you open the google doc, you can click on the title of the unit and it will take you to that unit on tpt. Hopefully that will save you some time searching.

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