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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hooray for President’s Day

That was quick! While we are still planning our Valentine’s Day Party we have to shift gears and think about President’s Day. Now, many of you may have that day off.  If so,celebrate on the 18th with your kids! I posted last year about some of our activities. You can read about those (here). Here are a few others that we are doing.
We gave the kids the letters to spell the word president. Then, we sat them in front of the word wall. They had to look at the words on the wall and see if they could make any of them with the letters that they had. We made a President’s Day place value book. Each page has a significant number and how it relates to President’s Day. The kids used the bingo dotters to stamp the number using the tens frames.
We took important vocabulary words for President’s Day. Then, the kids wrote their name in the boxes under the word. Finally, they had to decide if the word was longer, shorter or the same length as their name. We talked about characteristics of each of the presidents. Then, the children recorded their connections to that president.
We gave the kids a piece of brown bulletin board paper. They drew a map of their bedroom and made a key. Then, we wadded it up and spread it back out to give it that leather look of old maps. We made a stove pipe hat using a toilet paper roll. Then, the kids wrote a letter. We rolled up the letters and placed them inside the toilet paper roll.
These ideas are from the Hooray for President’s Day unit.
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