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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peek at my week Valentines! And a look back at what we did this week….

Each week, I post weekly plans of the things we are doing in our class. These plans can easily be downloaded and printed to make your planning easier.
If you have looked at the last few Peek at my Weeks that we have posted, you probably can tell that the first line on this page keeps the same basic frame each week. This makes for easy planning, a predictable pattern for the kids, and a few less gray hairs for me! We are moving right along, after a slow start in our Reader’s Workshop, just starting unit 4. I love this unit on patterns.
This page is for centers… on the top row what we are doing during centers,  middle row shows what the kids are doing during centers, and the bottom row shows their “can dos” when they are finished.  Like I mentioned in the other peek at my weeks, you can find more about how we manage our centers (here).
This page is our math time: Our mini lesson, what we are doing at our table, and the have to centers for the week.
This page is what the kids do when they finish up their math have to. The last row is what we are doing during our large group time.
Now what were we doing this past week? Here are a few pictures!
Fun with Groundhog’s Day It was a huge success! The kids loved making their paper bag groundhogs and writing their new learning in an All About Groundhogs book.
In Reader's Workshop we were practicing unknown words and reading smoothly. During this lesson we were apply all that we know about what good readers do....good readers look at pictures, good readers reread, good readers know some words fast. This is a lesson from  Unit 3 in Reader’s Workshop.
Playing our new Magnify It! Game…success!!! The kids loved this new game. They used their magnifying glass to look closely at each small picture. After naming the picture, they look for the card with the beginning letter! They loved it!
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Lee Ann Rasey said...

Your plans amaze me! You have so much going on during your week. How do you keep it all organized? Do you have an aide to help? I would love to visit your class to see how it all works. Unfortunately, I'm too far away.

Deedee Wills said...

It looks like you have a great week planned. Stay warm Georgia!!!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Unknown said...

I would love to start "A Peek at my Week", but I don't know how all of you wonderful bloggers do it!! It looks so time consuming with all the images and fonts... but oh so pretty!... how long on average would you say it takes to make "A Peek at my Week"?!... I might take the plunge! Thank you for sharing, I often find that I am inspired by kindergarten teacher bloggers, because it's hard for me to find pre-k teacher bloggers out there... I know they are around, but harder to find ;) Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and products!
I is for Inspire

Kim and Megan said...

Hey Jacqueline...Not going to lie to is a ton of work! BUT, after the first week, getting the template laid out, and getting the things that repeat each week linked, it is getting faster. Megan is loving it. Helps her to remember all of the resources that we have! Good luck!

Kim and Megan said...

Hey Lee GA sometimes we have another adult and sometimes we don't! I think the thing that makes it work for us is that we repeat the same kinds of games, just changing the clip art and standard. The kids get really good at playing them by themselves. Also, I am kinda, a little, maybe even a lot, OCD! I can drive my husband crazy with organizing things. Megan would love to have you visit her room, anytime!

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