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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tips to Keep You Organized

This is how I keep my sight words organized. Each child has their own ring of words. I have baskets to keep up with how many words they missed. If a child misses one, it goes in the "1" basket and at the end of the day I will add a new word from their list. The same thing happens if they miss 0 or 2 words. If they miss 3 or more, we do it again the next day.
Here is how I keep organized during the day. If its something I need to make, it goes in the to make drawer. If it is something that is ready, it goes in the ready drawer. If its ready to be put away, it goes in the put away drawer.
Here is where I organize for Reader's and Writer's Workshop. The kids house their individual writing folders in the plastic filing bins. They keep their individual bags of books in the book bins.

This is where I house my math "can do: centers. Each draw holds a different activity for early finishers. I have 5 of these, one for each of my groups.  I love the paper inside the drawers. No mess!
I have a very tiny desk in my room. This is where I keep up with all of my paper work and student folders. It's the top of a cabinet. I use every surface during the day. No wasted space. This cabinet is right by the door. This makes it easy to collect things as they come in. I also keep things there that I want to be sure get sent home. That way, as we are leaving I can take a quick look to be sure nothing is there.
Almost every child in our school brings their lunch. The kids put their lunch inside this tub when they get to school. Lid goes on top! No messy lunch boxes all over the floor.  Also keeps all the "food" contained to one area I can easily clean at the end of each day to avoid unwanted visitors! :)
I keep our schedule posted right by my desk. This helps keep me on task and focused! 

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Jodi said...

Wow, you are so organized and free from clutter! LOVE it, thanks for the tips!

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