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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kindergarten Activities to Engage Your Learners

While I was traveling this summer, I would try to remember to take a quick photo and post it on facebook of something we were going to do that day. It is kind of a way to have the kindergals facebook followers feel like they are “there”! Be sure and follow us on Facebook!
Here are the ideas that I posted this summer:
The number books:
Group children into groups of 3, 4, 5 etc to 10 and take their photo. Use the photo for the cover of the number book. Inside have the children glue pictures of the children, that you photocopy in black and white, to show a number combination for the number of kids on the cover. For example, if there are 4 kids on the cover, they might glue 2 boys and 2 girls on the first page in their book,1 girl and 3 boys on the next page, etc.
The chick book:
Fold a piece of paper in half and staple at the top. Add eyes, beak and feet. Put Chicken Little on a string so that he can “travel” through the story. Staple a few pages together and have the children draw illustrations to retell the story. Now have them retell the story by moving Chicken Little through the pages.  This works great for any story where the character travel through the story to different places.
In Vegas, I saw:
Kim Jordano’s ABC art book super cute and an easy project.
Shari Sloane’s class books are super cute.
From Crystal Springs: Unifix trains 10’s Frames! I just had to have them!
Here are some photos that I took from my session on Interactive Writing.  I did a post about interactive writing (here) if you want more information on how I handle it!
And a few more ideas:
The Five Little Bugs book is a flip book for a song from my Frogs and Butterflies Pack. For the Common Core Academy Deanna and I made this cute paper bag frog puppet that could eat the flies as we sang the song. This is great practice for the concepts of: number combinations, fluency to 5, or the number that is one less.
The splatter guard puppets are part of my Social Studies session and they are for retelling The Lady With The Alligator Purse.
The Family of Words is a music book that I made to go with Jack’s song. You can get his song (here) and the music book (here). To go along with the song, I made a house with three windows. Then, I took the pictures of the children holding the different letters. The kids use the letters to make word families. I did make a little book where they could record their words using the photos that I copied in black and white.
The cute hippo is an idea that I saw in Kathleen Pederson’s session. She made it from a soap container---laundry or dish soap I can’t remember.
Hope this catches you up on the facebook posts on kindergals. I try to post there each day when I am presenting to give you a little taste of what we are doing. Check back tomorrow for Dollar Store Trips on the road….
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C said...

Hi, Kim! Searched for those Unifix train ten frames on the Crystal Springs site, but could not find them?? They are absolutely adorable! Help!!?

Carla M

Jofraarchera said...
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