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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dollar Store Deals

Nothing makes me happier than a trip to the Dollar Tree. When I find a group of teachers that want to make a trip…I’m all in. On one of the weekends when I was home, my family went to watch my son, Tyler, race. Between the races, Ginny (my daughter in law that teaches prek) and I found a dollar tree. Read this post to see what all we found!
The lower right picture is of my kids at Tyler’s race! I just love them! I never really knew how much I would enjoy them as adults. They are super fun to be with and I am so glad that we all live in the same town.
I use the lantern at my table when I am working with small groups. The kids know that if the light is on, don’t interrupt unless it is an emergency. Light off—I am available to help you.
The pumpkin magnets are going to be for the Five Little Pumpkins song.
Slide31Love dominoes and can never have too many sets. I made a pack for tpt that contains all of my domino games. You can get it (here).
I cut up the alphabet train to make a game like the one in the lower left hand corner. To play: place a chip at the end of each row. Roll a dice and move the first chip that many spaces. Repeat with rows two and three. Write your word. My kids love this game. So I made some other sets on the computer.
Pumpkin Roll a Word
Spring Roll a Word
Farm Roll a Word
Beach Roll a Word
Fly swatters for the swat games:
To make the games spread cards out on the floor that contain letters, numbers, words, etc. Give two children each a fly swatter. Call out what you want them to look for. When they find it, they swat it!
There is a freebee of this game in my store (Here).
Farmer Swat
Apple Swat
Leaf Swat
Snowman Swat
Not pictured is a back to school swat game (here).
I love to put one of the foamie puzzles on the table when I am playing hangman. That way the kids can see which letters have been guessed and which have not. I simply dump the puzzle and as they guess the letter we put the pieces back in the puzzle.
Snowman Hangman
Flower Hangman
Pig Hangman
Love the frog game for number combinations. Have the kids count out 5 frogs. Then have then “flip” the frogs into the bowl. Write the number combination for how many in the bowl and how many out of the bowl.
Love the cuts outs for making matching games and the vests for the dramatic play area.
Then Megan  and I made a trip to Target. We picked up a few new pocket charts for her room and the word strips and word cards for her writing center. We are going to use the name plates to glue their photos and write their names. Then we are going to bind them into a book for the writing center.
Finally, I just couldn’t resist these sandwich holders. Not really sure how I am going to use them; but, they are just too cute! I was thinking an odd/even sort or maybe a one more or two more game. What do you think?
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Lee Ann Rasey said...

I just found this post. Love all the ideas! Wish I could quickly think of what to use things for right when I see them. Unfortunately our $ store doesn't have too many things to choose from. I use sandwich containers as salt boxes for students to finger-write letters and numbers. I love all of your activities you and your daughter feature on your blog and makes me long to teach kindergarten again, but it's difficult to get a position at that level. Have a good school year!

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