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Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh the places we will go….

So, where did I go this summer? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I have documented pictures from each location…although I did try!
I started my travels in Crossville, TN right after the 4th of July. It isn’t that far from where we live, so my hubby and I actually drove there together! Here we worked on Common Core Language Arts Standards and lots of ideas they could use to teach them!
From there I headed to Nebraska! I was able to meet up with a group of teachers I had met earlier in the year at a DI for the Little Guy Conference. AND…To make it even better, I was presenting with…Shari Sloane and Deedee Wills! I know how we all love a make and take. Well this day was spent with a mixture of make and take and presenting on Core Language Arts and Math! The teachers spread out and went to work! How fun….
One of the vendors at the conference had the best games! For the dice game, each child gets a set of 10 dice the same color. The teacher calls out a number. The children start rolling their dice all at the same time. Anytime that number shows up on one of their dice, they move it to the side and continue to roll the other dice. It’s a race to see who can roll all of their dice to that number first. The other game is called spot it. It is a fun game where you have to look for things on the cards. We had fun playing ourselves! The name of the vendor is CRToys!
From there I headed to Vegas! There are no words to describe this experience. Seeing all my teaching friends from all over the country (and Canada) as well as getting to meet some new friends was… I said no words! Since I only presented for two days, I was able to attend sessions the other two days! I saw so many great presenters. Of course at night we all had fun going out to eat, a little pool time and seeing the sights!
One of the highlights was the blogger meet up! It was a blast. This year tpt helped sponsor the event with drinks and snacks while SDE provided the location! Rachelle and her team of bloggers were able to collect up quite a collection of door prizes…I think everyone left with something!
The cute teacher, bottom middle picture, was one of the free conference registration winners from the giveaway that I hosted on my blog. It was great to meet her, she was so excited to be there.
The other winner is top middle! She was so excited, (I think her husband was too!) So how do you get to Vegas and cover the cost? Well, top left picture…he sold bottled water all year at school functions. Bottom left, the whole team sold pickles and tshirts! And finally apply to be a practitioner, like my sweet friend Kathleen, and your registration is covered if you are selected! BTW, I went to her session and she was fabulous!
From there I headed to Chicago for the Common Core Academy! It was a brand new conference format and super exciting.
The extraordinary educator conference was taking place at the same time so I was able to meet up with some presenters (Cara and Abby) from that conference. I was super excited to be in Chicago as one of my best friends, Kathleen Conn, lives there and she got to hang out with me and Kathy Griffin for the whole conference!
From there I went home for one night and them on to Ozark, AL! I picked up Megan, Ginny (my sweet daughter in law) and the cutest baby ever…Matthew and we all drove down together. Once there we once again met up with Deedee Wills! She was giving Megan a private lesson…on something…I can’t remember what!
So enough for one day? Check back tomorrow for some super cute pictures of the school in Ozark and see where I went from there….
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Unknown said...

But you didn't come to Australia!! We would love a visit from you. Maybe you could come and share here next time. Have a wonderful year.
Julie :-)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Kim and Megan said...

Julie! You are from Australia? That is on my bucket list. I want to come next year when it is your summer. Would love to know when you think it is the nicest weather and the best area of your country to visit. I am a beach person...warm weather!

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