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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dollar Store Ideas Blog Hop

What do you do on a Friday night when you are in Orlando with 4 of your blogging/teacher buddies? You go to the Dollar Tree to see what you can find!! When we returned to Deanna's house, Deanna, Holly, Stephanie, Katie, and myself had our first facebook live video to share what we found.  We decided we would do a blog hop to follow up with the ideas. Be sure and visit all 5 blogs to see all 15 of the ideas!
Here are the ideas that I shared during the video:

Rubber Duckie Mixed Operations Game

Here's how you play:
  • The first child rolls a dice.
  • If they roll a 3, they put three ducks in the pond.
  • The second child rolls a dice.
  • If they roll a 4, they put one more duck in the pond.
  • If they roll a 2, they take one duck out of the pond.
  • If you want to take it to the next level, the children can record the number sentences on a dry erase board.
  • If is too difficult, invite the children to remove the three ducks before the roll the dice the second time.
Each time the child rolls the dice, I ask them, "Do you need to put some in or take some out?" This helps the child decide if the number rolled is greater than or less than the number of ducks in their pond.

 Party Invites and Favors Math Game

Here's how to play this game:
  • Invite the children to lay 6 to 8 of the invites on the table. 
  • Determine which number they are working on learning.
  • If they are learning the concept of 4, invite them to count 4 of the baby pin party favors on each of the invites.

 Teacher Cut Outs and Pom Poms

Here's how to play this game:
  • Once the children are counting sets of 10 with accuracy and automaticity, they are ready for the next step.
  • Again, invite the children to spread 6-8 of the cut outs on the table.
  • Give them a set of numeral cards.
  • They place a numeral card on each cut out.
  • Count a set of pompoms onto each cut out to match the numeral card.
  • Once they are counting sets to match numerals with automaticity and accuracy, they are ready for addition.
  • Invite the children to use the number sentences on the cut outs.
  • Count pom poms, using two colors, to match the number sentence.

 Baby Plate Number Bonds

Here's how to play this game:
  • Determine which number combination you are teaching.
  • Give each child that many pieces of gold and a pirate plate.
  • Invite them to place all of their coins in the large part of the plate. Say, "I have 10 coins."
  • Now, divide the coins into the two smaller parts of the plate. Say, "I have 4 coins, I have 6 coins."
  • Finally, return the coins to the large part of the plate. Say, "I have 10 coins."
It is important to return the coins to the large part of the plate. Children who lack conservation think that by spreading the coins out, the number can change. By returning them to the large part, the children see that the number remained the same.
You can also play this game using the monster plates with wiggle eyes. AND, there are divide baby plates without a scene. You can use them with a variety of manipulatives as counters.

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  • So hop on over to Holly's to see her ideas!
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Dawn Hoffman said...

Just watched your FB video and loved your ideas! Can't wait to head to Dollar Tree and find those little ducks--my kids will love the water (and hopefully get the math skills intended) Ha!

asurrett said...

Great use of the monster plates and googly eyes!

asurrett said...

Great use of the monster plates and googly eyes!

Vonda Morga said...

Love the ducks in the water! What kiddo doesn't love playing in the water??

Caryn Ciciora said...

I love the monster plates!

Jaima Kinsler said...

Love the part part whole plates!

Liz Asbury said...

Love the part part whole plates!

Linda Groce said...

I just love the party invites math games!! You ladies are so smart!! Love it all!!

Kelly Robinson said...

Love the part part whole plates. I have those plates at home. How did I not think of this. 😊

Terra Louvier said...

I love the rubber ducky activity. Such a different hands on activity. They will love it.

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