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Friday, June 19, 2015

Here’s What is Happening in Orlando Day 2—Sale and Freebee

Today I am presenting at the Reading, Writing, and Math Conference in Orlando! If you are here, this is the post I promised. If you aren’t here….Why not!?!? Each day, this summer, that I present I will post a little snippet from each session with a link to all the units that I mentioned. For the next 24 hours, you will be able to get these items at a 20% discount! Read all the way to the bottom to get your freebee! So here’s what happened today:
The first session of the day Encouraging Little Ones to Write: Center Projects that Motivate and Inspire! In this session I share lots of fun crafty type projects that will get your kids writing. I also share some easy no prep writing centers. I love this idea we did when we were doing the book “I Know an Old Lady”. Writing clues is a great way to work on descriptive language.
The second session Reader’s Workshop: A Celebration of Independence.  Getting things started are often the hardest part. Like what do you do when they first come to school in the fall?  In this session we talk about just that! One idea is a series of mini lessons that shows the children that  everybody can read! This anchor chart is used over 3 different lessons!
Here are the units I used to help plan this session!
The third session Wacky Wonderful World of Words Mini Lessons.  When do you start teaching the reading strategies? What order should they be taught? Well, those are just a few of the questions that we answer in this session. For one thing, start early with just a few strategies. Practice them for a few months, and add in a few more. In the spring, add the most challenging strategies while maintaining the others. This is the first anchor chart we use to teach strategies. Very simple and easy to practice! Slide16
Here are the units that I used to plan this session.
And the last session for day Start off on the Right Foot: The First 30 Days. In this session we are sharing ideas for the beginning of the year. Here is one idea we share: Take pictures of all of your kids with their family at Open House or Meet and Greet. Then, get cheap frames from the Dollar Store. Display the photos on a shelf for everyone to see! Parents love it! They feel like a part of the class, and they are very impressed!
Here are the units I used to plan this session:
And here is the freebee for today. Click on the title to download the game.
And it’s a wrap! A great two days in Orlando and now it’s time to get ready for Vegas!
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Karen W. said...

Thanks again for sharing this with us!

bridgi8 said...

Can't wait to see you in Vegas! I registered for your all day workshop and I am so excited. You are a wonderful presenter. Thank you for the Freebie!

Kim and Megan said...

CAN NOT wait for VEGAS!!!!!

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