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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peek at My Week—Week 5 Pets

We are on day 25! Things are really starting to settle down and we are getting into a routine. Megan has the sweetest class…and she is loving it! This is a quick post this morning as I’m off to spend the day with my son’s family. You can always check back to the other Peek at my Week posts for more details about the different parts of our plan.
The big news…Unit 1 of Reader’s Workshop…DONE! We celebrated Friday and now  on to Unit 2! In Writer’s Workshop we are working on the “I’m done” syndrome! You know…where as soon as you turn your back they all start saying, “I’m done!”  In our foundational time we are working on letters, sounds, and labeling.
We are almost done introducing all of our literacy centers. Just a few more to go. Next week we will start introducing more items to put in each of these areas so be sure and check back to see that next week.
We are starting our first science experiments this week. I really love our little Science Blasters Unit. The experiments are simple and easy to do. I like using this as a way to use non fiction text! The text is simple and picture supported.
We are also using our Tacking Transitions Unit quite a bit. This unit is packed with daily ideas to keep your class in control and manageable as well as some interactive anchor charts, flap books, and other ways to keep them busy during those transitional times. BUT, these activities can also be a lesson that you can now use for transitions!
In Math we are almost finished with our geometry unit. Megan had the most fun last week using a set of ipods that her school library has. She gave the ipods to groups of 3 kids. Then, she assigned them a shape. They walked around the school looking for those shapes and snapping pictures! So much fun.
Our can do areas are really taking shape. We have introduced many of the activities that we can now just change the clip art, change the dice or deck of cards or spinner, and now it’s a new game. We are also moving some of the “have to” activities here for the kids to revisit again.
You can download our Peek at My Week plans (here).
I was on the computer for 15 hours yesterday. Now that was crazy and not recommended, but I was determined to finish this unit! You can see from the slide all of the activities included so no need for me to list them again here. The unit is $8 but on sale for $6 this weekend. Another note, I do plan on adding some non fiction information to this unit in the next few weeks. I just didn’t have time to get everything added. So I am introducing this unit at a reduced price from my normal units. Once I add that nonfiction information, the price will match that of my other units. HOWEVER, remember once you purchase, you get all the new additions for no extra charge! So it is a real savings right now. Slide6Slide7Slide8
Now be sure and hop on over to my friend Deedee Wills to see what others are doing this week.
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Actor in Training said...

Hi Kim,
I saw you at the I Teach K conference in Vegas. I have your Building Writers and Pack It, Learn It packets. I am put my anchor charts together and I remember the video you showed us on how you taught a mini-lesson for each bullet on the charts. Is there any way you could send me that video or a place where I can find it?


Kim and Megan said...

Hey Pearl,
I don't have the video where you can see it...yet. I am working on getting those so they can be seen on line.

Actor in Training said...

Hi Kim,
Just checking in to see if you are presenting a workshop at the I TEACH K 2015 conference where you will have videos showing how you do mini-lessons to teach anchor chart information.

Kim and Megan said...

Hey Pearl,
I haven't totally planned every session. I did show those video clips last year. I just haven't had the time to get the sessions finished for this summer.

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