KinderGals: Spring Peek at My Week and Math Game Pack-REDO

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Peek at My Week and Math Game Pack-REDO

Even though today has been rainy and cold, what a beautiful spring day we had yesterday! Spent the day at a mountain bike race with my son and visiting with my daughter in law and her mom. I asked on facebook how others were spending their day. I wasn’t surprised when a lot of teachers were taking care of household chores, chauffeuring kids, or working on lesson plans. I was most jealous of the teacher on a great beach vacation and most amused by the teacher who was helping her husband catch frogs for a research project! It was most exciting to hear so many of y’all make reference to working on something we had done in a workshop.
I have to admit I really wanted to come home from church and curl up and take a nap. It was raining, dark and I wasn’t on baby duty! Instead I found myself sitting in front of the computer revising yet another pack, Spring Math Game Pack. It is ever more clear to me that we grow and change as technology and resources change around us, as we watch kids, and as we grow as professionals. 
I also finished up the Peek at My Week for Megan’s class.  Soooo glad that we are talking about Spring. Maybe that will help keep winter at bay. Also really excited to be starting a new unit in Reader’s Workshop!Slide2Slide3
If  you aren’t sure how to read these plans, go (here) to read about how they work.

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