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Friday, March 30, 2012

Where are the Tables? Rethinking Classroom Seating

As many of you know, Megan and I don't use a lot of tables in our rooms. In a traditional classroom we often find rows to desks or tables with names taped down to identify the "spot" for each child. If we follow the lead of children, we will find that these are the "least" desired seats. Given the opportunity to pick a table or a pillow, beanbag, or bench, the children very rarely pick the table!
Look at this picture! She has made her own seating! I love that the storage unit is now a work surface. This frees up room in the classroom for other desired items.
Little rug from Target Dollar Spot, Dollar General or Big Lots can easily become work areas.
Look for seasonal items such as folding chairs. I found these in the summer with the other lawn chairs.
I found this park bench at a local grocery store!
There are some times that we WANT to use a table. We just try to give our kids a choice, when it makes sense.  Here's what I try to remember: there is nothing magical about a table. It doesn't make the kids any smarter, it doesn't make them work harder, or learn faster. Give kids a choice, when it makes sense. Assign a seat, when it makes sense! Follow what feels right and works for you!
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