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Friday, March 30, 2012

Where are the Tables?


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jillsloothaak said...

I'd love more info about this - where you teach whole-group lessons, etc. Maybe a classroom tour??? :)

Kim and Megan said...

Hey! Follow this link to find a classroom tour that is on my website!

Sprinkle Teaching Magic (Sheila) said...

Super cute rugs that create such a homey atmosphere for students to come in and relax and learn! Love how close you and your daughter are! My mom was an 8th grade core teacher for 30 + years and now mentors new teachers. I LOVE when she comes to my classroom. The kids know me as Ms. Chako and my mom as MRS. Chako (yes, they make sure to emphasize the Mrs.) So stinkin cute! She mentors me and is a wealth of teacher wisdom and knowledge. Love your blog and you two are such an adorable mother daughter pair. Thanks for sharing a window in to your classroom!

Tonia said...

Love your room! How fun for the kids!
I have a question for Kim. Do you know if the I teach K conference will address the new TK program in CA next year. Transitional Kindergarten - young kids that don't make the cut off of Nov.2 will still be provided with a program in the public schools. TK is going to have a special curriculum and training.
I might be the teacher at my school to have the young ones, and wanted to seek out training and advice.

Bethany McClure said...

I love your classroom! It is so inviting! I'm going to look out for cute rugs and furniture this summer! Thanks for the inspiration!

Learning is a Journey

Mrs. West said...

I love the atmosphere of your classroom. I was just wondering if you had read any research that made you make the decision to get rid of individual tables. Do you find that they miss working at a table?

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