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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Revving Up-Unit 5 Reader’s Workshop


It is so good to be back in the south this week! I worked with some great teachers in Mississippi for a few days and then flew over to GA to go HOME for a few days. While there, I was able to meet up with my partner in crime, Michele. Here’s how it goes….we go to our hang out, Mellow Mushroom, eat a little pizza, and then get to work! We have to triple tip that poor server as we take up her table most of the afternoon! While there, we hammer out our next unit, the overview! Then, we go our separate ways and get busy working. So what will be be working on this month…our Unit 6. It will be all about Non Fiction! I love that unit!

But for now, we have finally finished Unit 5….Revving Up.

The unit begins with lessons that teach students the importance of getting ready to read a book before actually starting to read the words. After students understand how to get ready to read, you will teach them lessons about using letter sounds to figure out words. The importance of rereading and partners as teachers are both addressed in this unit.

The unit is broken down into four weeks:

*Week one- “Revving up to read”- You will be teaching students to warm up before they read by taking picture walks, telling a story through pictures, and thinking about words they may see as they are reading.

*Week two- “Letters help us read”- Students will learn to use pictures and beginning letter sounds to read words. They will also learn how to “switch it up” if a word they see does not match what they think it should be. You will teach your students to look all the way through a word to confirm their word choice and how to stretch out and blend letter sounds to read words.

*Week three- “Back up and reread”- You will teach your students the importance of rereading to figure out a word, to understand what they are reading, to sound like a good reader and to have fun.

*Week four- “Partners can be teachers”- During this week you will teach your students how to actually become like a teacher, helping their partners with picture walks, figuring out words and asking and answering questions.


This unit contains an overview of the month, a monthly spreadsheet, a weekly overview and prep sheet for each of the 4 weeks, 20 mini lessons written in ready to use lesson plan form.


…4 anchor charts with all the pieces made and ready to reproduce, revving up bookmark and chart, 2 brainstorming charts, 2 teacher made books for modeling,…Slide3

…a student book for active engagement, 2 sets of retelling pieces for the stories, switch it up cards, stretchy the word snake puzzles…Slide5

…student recording sheets, and a super cute craftivity to use for the end of unit celebration.

Here are the other units in the series:

Unit 1 Blasting Off

Unit 2 Powerful Partners

Unit 3 Digging Deeper

Unit 4 Discovering Patterns

Unit 5 Revving Up

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FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Looks great! Love the chart!
First Grade Blue SKies

Jen said...

I absolutely LOVE these units! They are perfect for me & my kinders!! Thank you so much!!

Jen's Kinder Kids
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