KinderGals: What do Dollar Stores, Writing and Science Have in Common?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

What do Dollar Stores, Writing and Science Have in Common?

UPDATE:  I FINALLY FINISHED THIS UNIT.  Here it is: 20% off through August 3, 2014!
You can see the unit here:

This packet contains the following 20 experiments/activities.  There are 17 Simple Experiment Cards with response printables, 3 recipes with follow up acitivities, 10 graphing activities for graphing the hypothesis.  The following titles name the 20 experiments/activities.

Shake It!

What’s in the Bag?

Making Music

Mouse Paint (with paint)

Mouse Paint (with gel frosting)

Rain Paint

Secret Messages

Ducks Like Rain

Float or Sink Pumpkins

Do Seeds Travel?


The Windy Day

Do Whales Get Cold?

Candle Races

What Can a Butterfly Eat?

Clean a Penny

Fossil Cookies

Rainbow Number Salad

Making Butter

Ice Cream in a Bag

Today I am in Albertville, AL at the NEAEC conference and here’s what is happening….I’m presenting on Writing Workshop (getting it started), Science, and Teaching Standards…Dollar Store Style. Here’s a few of the ideas from each of the sessions….Slide1
First session is all about integrating science with literature, cooking, math, and art. One idea I share is how to make this super easy shadow box. Slide2
*First, get a zerox box.
*On the bottom of the box draw a line 1/2 from all 4 sides.
*Cut out the square.
*Spray paint the box.
*Glue a piece of bulletin board paper to cover the hole.
Now to use the shadow box….
* Place an object inside of the box.
*The children are sitting on the other side of the box where they can only see the white paper--not what is inside.
*Shine a light on the object from the back.
*Now the children can see the shadow of the item in the box.
Here are some of the resources that I used to plan this session. They are 20% off today only. 
HEADS UP: I am almost finished with my Science Blasters Unit! It should be on tpt by next week. I used it for this session, but it’s not quite done yet!
Another session today is all about getting your writer’s workshop started. I love using anchor charts. So when I find an anchor chart that I can use all year…all the better!Slide6
This chart is perfect! It anchors the writing process --regardless as to the genre being taught! It tells the children exactly what to do:
*Think about what topic you are going to write.
*Plan out your piece. I show my kids how to plan out their piece on their hand.
*Thumb-Name your topic.
*3 Fingers-Give examples, reasons, steps, beginning-middle-end, etc. (depending on the genre)
*Last Finger- Name your topic again.
Check out these links for more anchor charts for Writer’s Workshop:
****Here are some of the resources that I used to plan this session. They are 20% off today.
The third session is super fun! In this session I show teachers great things they can get at the dollar store to teach almost any standard. I love this set of coasters that I picked up at the dollar spot in Target. They are great for teaching subitizing. Slide9
Here’s how you play:
*Make the game by taping the dice faces for 1-6 to the front of the coasters.
*Invite the children to roll a dice.
*The children select the part of the sandwich that show how many dots were on the dice.
*They keep rolling and collecting the ingredients to make the sandwich.
*The object of the game is to make the sandwich.
Here are a few more posts about ideas from the Dollar Store:
Here are the resources that I used to help plan this session. They are 20% off today.

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Unknown said...


I loved your sessions today! They were packed full of great information! Your Developing Confident Writers session was amazing and your Science Blaster session was fantastic! Thank you for making our NEAEC Conference such a success!!!

Sally Landers
Reading Coach
Big Spring Lake Kindergarten

Mrs. Butler said...

Hi Kim!

I was at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference and I went to nearly all of your sessions. I was so excited to get home and put some things into practice. You are so inspiring. I loved the Science Blasters class and how you had a connection to literature. I have the packet you gave that shows those connections, but I was wondering if you had a literature recommendation for every experiment and if you do, where I could find that!? Thanks for all of your valuable resources!

Jami Butler

Kim and Megan said...

Jami, I do not have that in a list format. sure is something to think about on my summer to do list.

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